, whose primary aim is Consumers' Benefit, collaborates with Consumer VOICE, a voluntary action group founded in 1983 with the aim to create awareness in consumers about malpractices perpetuated in the market place and about consumer's rights. Since both of us have a mutual goal, we intend to help consumer make informed choices about the goods they buy both online and offline.

During its early years, VOICE filed a suit against the Will for the ‘Wills Made for Each Other’ tobacco campaign, as it was monopolistic and discriminated against consumers who did not smoke. Similarly they also challenged television manufacturers which were selling colour television sets at a premium to consumers during the Asiad Games in 1982.

In 1997, VOICE started to publish Consumer VOICE, a bi-monthly magazine that focused on bringing consumers information on product performance. ‘Voltage Stabilisers’ were one of the first product tests to be published in Consumer VOICE magazine.
The publisher of Consumer VOICE magazine since 1999 it is currently working in close co-ordination with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India, on a comparative product testing project. The project aims to test a wide range of products most commonly used by Indian consumers in NABL-accredited laboratories. The test results are then published in Consumer VOICE magazine.

While it will not be politically correct to say that most companies lie , everyone will agree that they do not tell us the whole truth either. For example, if a soda brand were to admit that their product had no nutritional value and came packed with side effects, would you buy that?

If you are reading this, then you are certainly already aware of many things and the recent noodle controversy may have made you wiser and more alert. To strengthen the vigil and create a deterring environment we bring across a series of surveillance series articles published by Consumer VOICE who do a random testing of packaged foods and food supplements where a team of experts test and verify the food products and their claims.

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