Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier
Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + (RO+UV+UF) Auto Mineral Modulator, Optimum purification technology RO+UV+UF to purify water....

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus Plus Water Purifier

Installation Counter-Top, Wall Mounted

UV+RO+UF: Ultra Violet, Reverse Osmosis & Ultra Filtration

Storage Yes
Tank Capacity 7 L
Electric Electric
Purification Capacity Per Hour 15 Ltr/hr
Power Consumption 45 W
Series # Geneus
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since February 2017

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Safe drinking water is vital for the survival of the human race. There is a direct correlation between access to pure drinking water and human health. Depleting water table, deteriorating quality of ground water and pollution in our rivers and water sources make it essential to purify water regardless of its source. The market in India today is flooded with products that aim to provide consumers with safe and healthy drinking water. Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + by Eureka Forbes is one of the higher end water purifying solutions in the market today. Read on to find out whether it is worth the cost.


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Product Features

The Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + is a sleek looking expertly designed water purifier with dimensions of 367 x 314 x 567 that allows wall mounting as well as table top installation. It has a storage tank that can store upto 7 litres of water. An LED display indicates water levels in the tank, maintenance requirement warnings and faults. Power consumption at 45 watts is fairly low when compared to other household appliances.

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + supports Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and Ultra Filtration (UF) water purification techniques. It comes embedded with “G-Tech” technology that can vary the filtration or purification technique used based on the source and quality of water.  The water purifier can thus be used to purify water supplied by your local municipality, wells, tankers and rivers.

The purification process itself is fairly complex as well as quite comprehensive. The purifier ensures removal of contaminants such as dust, sand, mud, excess dissolved salts, dirt, excess chlorine, colors, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Additionally it neutralizes disease causing bacteria and microbes using U.V filtration.  The auto mineral modulator is a nifty personalization feature that allows you to calibrate the minerals in the water exactly to your tastes.

  1. The obvious advantage is that it can purify water from many sources

  2. It can be used to purify water with low and high totally Dissolved Salts (TDS), hard water, water with high turbidity, bad odour and other inorganic matter.

  3. It minimizes water wastage by utilizing the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration technique only when needed.

  4. Mineral balance and ultimately taste of water can be adjusted to personal preference.

  5. Easy to use and clean

  1. Total Cost of ownership or maintenance costs may be higher as compared to other water purifiers.

  2. Water wastage when Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is used can be very high.

  3. Filter can be damaged if the input water supply is too hot or too cold.

  4. May be difficult to use when water pressure is too low.

  5. Various online portals report dissatisfaction with service received from various service centers during installation or maintenance


Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + is an excellent product. It is a water purifier that can appeal to urban as well as rural users as it can purify water of fairly low quality. Its versatility justifies the price. As long as you are able to get good service during installation and service/ maintenance requests, there may not be too much complain about this water purifier.


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