Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Neo Water Purifier
A stunning combination of form, function and style.

Aquaguard Neo

Installation Wall Mounted

UV+RO: Ultra Violet & Reverse Osmosis

Storage Yes
Electric Electric
Power Consumption 18 W
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since July 2015

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Aquaguard Neo is a water purifier with a stunning combination of style, features and functionality. This water purifier is a product of Eureka Forbes which is a part of the Shapoorji Palonji group. Aquaguard neo is an advanced water purifier that is designed to give you a healthy lifestyle along with complimenting your kitchen.

Many diseases in India are water borne. Drinking water that is free of contamination, keeps one healthy whichautomatically cuts down on expenses on medicines. Aquaguard Neo is a water purifier that gives pure water by using a combination of RO and UV for purification.

Aquaguard neo is a wall mountable water purification with three stages of purification. The body is made of ABS plastic which gives it a classy look and is very light in weight, weighing just 4.5 kg. It is found to work effectively when the input temperatures of water range from 5 degree to 45 degrees.

This water purifier from Eureka Forbes is powered by an advanced e-boiling technology that ensures safe and almost pure drinking water for the family. This water is as pure as the one obtained by boiling water for 20 minutes, which is believed to kill most harmful micro-organisms.

Aquaguard Neo consists of an Intelligent Purity System (IPS) which scans the water for impurities and shuts off the output when there are impurities present in the water. This intelligent system ensures that you get only pure water, which is safe for drinking or no water at all.

The mineral guard generates electronic impulse which prevents the scaling of the quartz tube which ultimately retains the nutrients in the water.

Overall Rating

Price and warranty

Aquaguard neo is priced between Rs 9000/- to Rs 9900/- on Eureka Forbes website and other online portals for homeappliances.Check and compare the prices with all the inclusions before you make the purchase.

A 12 month warranty is extended on this water purifier from Eureka Forbes. The company’s extensive network spread across the country ensures quick repairs and maintenance.

  • When you purchase the Aquaguard neo, the installation is done by the company service person.
  • The installation is easy as just needs two nail drills to wall mount the water purifier and connect it do a direct flow water inlet.
  • The e-boiling technology kills most micro-organisms which provides water that is as safe as boiling water for 20 minutes.
  • When the intelligent sensor senses impurities, the purifier simply stops the water output, which ensures that either you get only safe water.
  • The three stage water purification technology ensures pure and safe drinking water no matter what kind of water is passing through the system.
  • E-boiling technology ensures safe drinking water.
  • The electronic impulse produced prevent scaling on the tube which intelligently retains the nutrients.
  • The 8 watt UV tube switches off if not used for 10 minutes that saves on the power bill and life of the tube as well.
  • For the price, you get just a UV water purifier
  • The UV tube is expensive if it needs to be replaced after the one year warranty expires.
  • The ABS plastic body is prone to crack if not handled carefully
Weight and Dimensions

The three stage purification system dispenses pure, safe and drinkable water from Aquaguard neo water purifier. Aquaguard Neo is a light-weight water purifier which weighs just 4.5 kg. The dimensions are 310 X 232 X 418 mm which gives it a sleek and stylish look.


The operating voltage for Aquaguard neo is 230 V. The direct flow system in the water purifier lets the water flow due to gravity from the overhead storage to the outlet after purification.


With the features that are offered in this model of the water purifier, we rate Aquaguard Neo 7 on a scale of 10 as it provides great value for money. Priced below Rs 10,000/- it is one of the best water purifiers to install in the kitchen for its purification technology which ensures only pure and safe drinking water.

Overall Rating