Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Magna Water Purifier
Presenting the new Aquaguard Magna with patented Mineral Absorption Technology

Aquaguard Magna

Installation Counter-Top, Wall Mounted

UV+RO: Ultra Violet & Reverse Osmosis

Storage Yes
Tank Capacity 7 L
Electric Electric
Power Consumption 45 W
Warranty(Months) 12
Warranty Terms The Goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of Installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable. Design
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Aquaguard Magna is a water purifier from Eureka Forbes that aims to provide clean and pure drinking water at home or in the office. Eureka Forbes is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, which is the leading business house in India with diverse business. Eureka Forbes was born in 1982 to give the customers a healthy, pollution-free and safe lifestyle.

Contaminated water is one of the biggest cause of diseases in India. Water borne diseases are rampant in India, which includes diarrhea, cholera, malaria, filariasis and typhoid. Death due to water diseases is as high as 80% in India.

Water purifiers are safer and cheaper solution to purify the water that you drink daily. Eureka Forbes can be called the pioneers in creating water purification systems in India.

About Aquaguard

Aquaguard is a brand of water purifiers from Eureka Forbes that is sold through direct channels while Aquasure range of water purifiers is sold through retailers.


Various models of water purifiers are available in the market today. Aquaguard Magna, a sleek water purifier from Eureka Forbes has dimensions of 316 X 251 X 462 mm and looks more like a piece of elegant furniture. It is the first purifier in the world that uses Mineral Absorption Technology (MAT) which helps the body to absorb the nutrients from the water upon consumption.

Available in black and white color to match a wide range of kitchen or office interiors, the Aquaguard Magna weighs just 8 Kgs making it about the right size to either hook up on the wall or cabinet or place it on a table or counter top. The direct flow purification system ensures that water from the storage flows directly into the filtration system. The input water pressure required is a low as 0.6-2.0 kg/cm sq and the water purifier works efficiently when the water input temperature ranges from 10-40 degree C. After purification, the water purifier is designed to store 6 liters of purified water

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Product Features

Purification Process

The water in the Magna is purified through three stages of purification. Aquaguard Magna uses a MAT, mineral absorption technology that magnetizes and de-clutters the water ions. It is fitted with filter, chemi block, EMLE, HD RO membrane and taste enhancer.

An 11 watt UV lamp powers the water purification process. The HD RO technology purifies the water and maintains the appropriate mineral balance in the water. The RO membrane removes all the traces of impurities and other contaminants while the UV kills all the disease causing bacteria across various conditions of water. The entire purification process requires 45 watts to purify water. Eureka Forbes Magna runs on an input voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz. An alert interface that is fairly user friendly indicates the life of purification cartridge and electronic systems along with the usage.

Price and Warranty

The price of Aquaguard Magna is almost similar all over India as it is sold by Eureka Forbes through direct channels only, so one need not worry about where you purchase the water purifier. A one year warranty is offered by Eureka Forbes on Aquaguard Magna. Service centers are located all over the country to offer service and maintenance for the water purifier

  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard magna is easy to install
  • The slow filtering ensures pure, clean and healthy water for human consumption
  • It is easy to use and clean. The intelligent interface alerts the user when the cartridge needs to be changed
  • The price is most economical for the health benefit aquaguard magna provides
  • This model of water purifier is known to consume lesser electricity
  • The filters are known to clog easily though they are very easy to clean
  • The UF membrane requires weekly cleaning
  • Professional installation is required for Aquaguard magna else there are chances of leakages
  • Aquaguard magna can be placed on the counter where it occupies space
  • Common feedback across a number of leading portals indicate number of consumer complaints about service issues. 


Health awareness in India has increased over the past few years. Eureka Forbes water purifiers are providing the much needed safe drinking water with the launch of their flagship water purifier Aquaguard. Aquaguard magna is a water purifier that works on the MAT technology, RO and UV filtration system which ensures pure and safe drinking water.

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