Panasonic ER-206 Trimmer, Clipper & Shaver
Panasonic ER206KK Men's Trimmer The product has wonderful features such as a pivot head that follows the contour of your skin. Comes in both cord and cordless makes easy to operate without any hassle. Floating wide blade cutter makes an effective trimming session. Ergonomic S-curve design perfectly fits in your hand for better operation. Front height adjustment dial lets you choose among the 12 length settings. Floating cutter type trimming head gives a close cut for your beard.

Review of Panasonic ER-206 Trimmer


Trimmers are an essential part of male grooming and often come in handy, especially when men are in a rush. These are also versatile products which can be reduced to trim not only the beard but also body hair length. The trimmer we are reviewing here is by Panasonic, model number ER206.


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Product Features

The Panasonic ER206 trimmer is a highly efficiently trimmer that is perfect for those well groomed moustaches & beards. It can also be used for trimming body hair. The pivot head of the trimmer is designed to follow the skin contours precisely and giving the users close and clean shave without scratches and nicks. It is an ergonomically designed trimmer offering a strong and comfortable grip to its users. The design & weight of the trimming device (599 gm) makes it extremely portable and at the same time durable.

The trimmer has an adjustable dial that can be used for adjusting hair trimming length as per the requirements of the users. The dial can be adjusted to move the comb down or up in different sizes ranging between 2 and 18 mm in twelve settings. Because of this feature, external comb attachments are not needed for increasing the comb length. The 12 settings available in comb length allow the users to go for either barely- their beards or an edgier and rougher look.    

One of the most impressive features of the Panasonic ER206 trimmer is its blades, which are finely sharpened. The blades of this high-precision trimmer have been made using high-quality stainless steel blades ensure hassle-free and smooth trimming. The trimmer also features a floating cutter head which moves smoothly on the face without causing any kind of irritation.

Panasonic ER206 trimmer features highly advanced NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride battery, which makes this device a long-lasting and a highly efficient trimmer. The battery needs to be charged only for forty-five minutes in order to get the best results from cordless usage. The device can be operated easily for around fifty minutes on a single charge.  The trimmer also has a charging indicator lamp, located at its bottom. This lamp indicates the charging status of the device.

The appliance comes with a charger, cleaning brush, warranty card, & cleaning oil. It uses 220 – 240 volts of electricity for one charge.


The trimmer comes in black color and is made up of stainless steel. The ergonomic design of the appliance makes it look stylish and easy to handle. The design also ensures that the device can be held easily while usage.

Performance, Service & Support

The trimmer works nicely and is easy to use. The blades don’t cause any cuts or bruises while trimming and the blades don’t heat up during prolonged use. Although the trimmer provides 12 settings and really good hair trims, it cannot do zero degree trimming.

Oil cleaning of blades is required from time to time. The blades get slightly rough after a year of use. Since the blades are big in size, using the trimmer for creating funky beard designs on the face may be a bit difficult.

Since the device can work cordlessly after it is charged, it is an advantage. However, it takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully, that is to run for full 50 min and several product users complain of the deteriorating battery condition of this device.

The user does not need any external help to set up the device. Panasonic is a big brand and therefore, service help in case the device malfunctions should not be a problem.



The trimmer can be used either on battery or while it’s on charge and therefore, it does not restrict the user to only areas where electricity sockets are available. Given its size, design, etc., the appliance gives an ease of usage, handling & carrying.


The device can be used only under dry conditions, thereby restricting its usage slightly. It also makes a good amount of noise when being used. There is no digital display or touch control. Even though there is a light lamp which is lit when the device is on charge, the lamp does not go off or change color when the device is charged. The charger accompanying the trimming device is very heavy and bulky. The blades require frequent cleaning.


The trimmer comes with a 2 year warranty by the manufacturers. Given its features, advantages & disadvantages, the device can be given a rating of 8 out of 10.


Overall Rating