Alt Model #
Simplicity Blue : Simplicity Plus Blue
Simplicity Red : Simplicity Plus Red
Series #
Simplicity Blue : Baby
Simplicity Red : Baby
Simplicity Blue
Simplicity Red
Simplicity Blue : Stroller (Pushchair)
Simplicity Red : Stroller (Pushchair)

Pram is the short form of perambulator, which is a wheeled baby carrier that is designed in such a way that your baby can sleep in it. It has a flat, cushioned base where you can place your baby in the lying position. The wide canopy attached to the rear of the carriage can be pulled to cover more than half of the carriage. This keeps your baby is in a cozy, safe from dust, heat, and rain.This is generally preferred for small babies from 0 to 6 months.

A stroller is designed such that your baby can sit upright. It has safety equipment, such as harness and safety belts, to ensure that your baby is safe sitting inside. A stroller is preferred for infants who have begun to sit. As you can see, a stroller also comes with a hood or a canopy just like a pram.

Stroller (Pushchair): Stroller or Pushchair as the name suggests is a push chair. Hence it can be used by slightly older babies as the babies can just sit and not lie down. Hence they are lighter than a pram.
Simplicity Blue : Blue
Simplicity Red : Red
Simplicity Blue : Newborn & Up
Simplicity Red : Newborn & Up
Simplicity Blue : 12
Simplicity Red : 12
Shopping basket
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
One-handed fold
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Canopy With window
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Product Features
Reclining backrest
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Easy & compact for storage
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Reversible handle
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Ultra lightweight
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Swivelling, lockable double wheels at the front
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
No. of wheels
Simplicity Blue : 6
Simplicity Red : 6
Front Wheels
Simplicity Blue : Front swivel locking wheels
Simplicity Red : Front swivel locking wheels
Rain cover
Simplicity Blue : 
Simplicity Red : 
Belt and safety bar
Simplicity Blue : 5-point belt and safety bar
Simplicity Red : 5-point belt and safety bar
Simplicity Blue : 10 kg
Simplicity Red : 10 kg
Simplicity Blue : 440 x 260 x 660 mm
Simplicity Red : 440 x 260 x 660 mm