Chicco Cortina Travel system Midori Strollers & Prams
04060796630070 Cortina travel system with one hand fold comes with extra features mother and babies will enjoy. The multiple position, fully reclining seat and adjustable leg rest provides comfort for baby.

Overview of Chicco Cortina Midori Strollers & Prams

Stroller (Pushchair)

Pram is the short form of perambulator, which is a wheeled baby carrier that is designed in such a way that your baby can sleep in it. It has a flat, cushioned base where you can place your baby in the lying position. The wide canopy attached to the rear of the carriage can be pulled to cover more than half of the carriage. This keeps your baby is in a cozy, safe from dust, heat, and rain.This is generally preferred for small babies from 0 to 6 months.

A stroller is designed such that your baby can sit upright. It has safety equipment, such as harness and safety belts, to ensure that your baby is safe sitting inside. A stroller is preferred for infants who have begun to sit. As you can see, a stroller also comes with a hood or a canopy just like a pram.

Stroller (Pushchair): Stroller or Pushchair as the name suggests is a push chair. Hence it can be used by slightly older babies as the babies can just sit and not lie down. Hence they are lighter than a pram.

Colour Midori
Age Newborn & Up
Series # Baby
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since September 2017

If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Strollers & Prams, please read our Conzumr Guide


Strollers are babies' buddies till the time they are young and dependent. These gears help parents to move around with their kids without having the need to carry them all the time. Strollers are designed to give a comfortable ride for your baby and are equipped to multitask. There are lot of things to consider while buying a stroller. Conzumr will preview Cortina Midori Stroller from the Italian brand Chicco in this article.

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Product Features

Cortina Midori Stroller and Pram is not just a 'carriage' for your baby. It is a fully equipped modern travel system which ensures safety and protection. Designed for the Chicco KeyFit® 30 Infant Car Seat, the Cortina® Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby.We saw some key points in the product which are listed below.

One of it’s highlight feature is  Memory Recline Property. This striking feature 'memorizes' the position you last left the stroller in before folding! Such small thoughtful things in the gear are winning hearts.

Many times, babies tend to slip from the stroller seat as they are slippery or gripless. But this stroller, in the adapted range, has a very good grip of the baby inside it. It very comfortably holds your baby inside its cushioned, thickly-padded seat, giving him extra support around the delicate parts of head, neck, back and bottom.

Next is a one-pull harness which you can tighten or loosen in the car seat. This permits you to quick suit the settings you want, in just one pull while driving. The Vehicle Base also illustrates another creative feature- the LATCH management system. This is designed to protect vehicle from any damage as the wheels are made to be jerk free and prevent all kinds of quakes to the baby's body. The stroller has been provided with a confiding belt which holds the baby well and allows him to make comfortable movements at the same time. There is a netted basket given at the bottom to store a water bottle, Tiffin or other things. The tray in front of the baby has glass slot where he can easily eat or drink. The side handles are also made soft to avoid injuries to baby.


While choosing the perfect stroller, we often get confused with the many options available in the market. But as per your baby's age, weight and your outdoor activities you need to choose a stroller that fits all turfs.

Chicco Cortina Midori can be used as a travel system. It is sturdy, lightweight and has good features to help you. The car seat that you buy separately  can be easily attached to the stroller. You do not need to wake up the sleeping baby inside car seat to attach it to the stroller. The fixing is made easy by the latch- management system given in the vehicle.

If the sunshine is hampering his sleep, you just put the sunshade over the pram and the problem is solved. People have also loved the bottle space, some extra pockets given for keeping small items. Many find it difficult to drive the car and take care of the child simultaneously. The adjustable handle given in Chicco Cortina Midori stroller can reach you easily while you drive. You can catch hold of it even without actually turning back while driving. All the other features mentioned while buying, have come out really well practically. It has also successfully been used by people with varied heights. It can be used by both, the mother and the father, by adjusting the height easily.


Some mums have complained  online, that the sunshade falls short and doesn't cover properly.


Chicco Cortina Midori  is one of the most reliable stroller available for you in the market. The sunshade, peeping window in the shade, the foldable option and stability of the stroller/ pram are worthy to be trusted. Good for travelling purpose and is sturdy enough to sustain even in rough handling times. You can store grocery bags or baby toys in the bottom space, so you do not need to carry these things in your hand. Easy operation, convenient making and the stylish look, altogether make this stroller a good buy and we rate 9 out of 10.

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