Poly Crystalline

Multi Crystalline

PID Resistant

PID (Potential Induced Degradation) is a process that negatively affects the cells of PV modules. PID causes an increased degradation in performance of the solar panels

Electrical Parameters


Voltage at open circuit (Voc) is the maximum voltage that the solar panel can produce with no load on it.


Short circuit current abbreviated as ISC, is the maximum current that is produced from the solar cell when there is no load connected and the voltage across the solar panel is zero


Maximum Power Point (PMax), is that point, where the combination of the volts and amps results in the highest wattage (Volts x Amps = Watts).


Voltage at Maximum Power (VMP or VPM) - This is the voltage that occurs when the module is connected to a load and is operating at its peak performance.


The Maximum Power Point Current abbreviated as "Ipm", is the current (amps) when the power output is the greatest.


Solar cell efficiency refers to that capacity of the solar cell which converts a part of solar energy into electricity via photovoltaics.

Tolerance (±mm)

Power tolerance is a measure of how much electrical power a solar panel can produce above or below its rated capacity.