Brands Tested

Unit Price (Rs) of 100 grams

The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheapest and costliest brands.

  • As per the unit price, Patanjali and Eco Valley are the cheapest brands and Quaker is the costliest.

  • Parameters Tested

    Fibre/Dietary Fibre Label Claim

    Fibre/Dietary fibre or roughage is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants. It is composed of soluble and insoluble fibres.

  • Dietary fibre in the tested brands was found in the range of 11.17% to 11.52%.
  • Highest dietary percentage was found in Quaker and lowest in Bagrry’s.
  • Crude Fibre Content

    Fibre/Dietary fibre is composed of soluble and insoluble fibres. Crude fibre does not dissolve in acid and alkali treatment when tested in the laboratory. The treatment dissolves all the soluble and some of the insoluble fibres in food. As per FSS Regulations, the crude fibre content should not be more than 2% on dry basis.

  • Crude fibre in all the brands was found more than the prescribed limit. This is not desirable for consumers
  • All manufacturers of the tested brands were informed by email about the laboratory findings of crude fibre. Pepsico India (Quaker), Marico Ltd (Saffola), Kellogg India (Kellogg’s), and Weikfield Foods (Eco valley) responded and informed that their factory results showed below 2% of crude fibre.
  • Quaker was found to have the minimum percentage of crude fibre; the maximum was in Barry’s.
  • Lead Content

    As per FSS Regulations, lead in oats shall not be more than 2.5 ppm (for ‘foods not specified’ category).

  • Lead content was not detected in any of the brands.
  • Total Ash

    Ash is the portion of food that remains after it is burned at very high temperatures. It also indicates dirt and dust remaining in the product. As per FSS Regulations, total ash content in oats shall not be more than 2.0 per cent on dry basis.

  • Total ash was found within the prescribed limit in all the brands.
  • The least amount was found in Bagrry’s and the most was in Kellogg’s.

  • General Qualities


    The material shall be packed in clean, sound, dry, and airtight containers made of tinplate, food-grade plastics, or any other non-toxic packing material that may be covered with a moisture proof film, waxed paper, or moisture-proof laminates. The inner layer coming in contact with the oats shall be of food-grade quality or coated paper.


    The following information shall be clearly and indelibly marked on the label of each container/packet:

  • Name of the product
  • Trade name, if any
  • Name and address of manufacturer
  • Batch or code number
  • Net quantity in grams or kilograms
  • List of ingredients, in descending order of their composition by quantity
  • Month and year of manufacture
  • Month and year of manufacture
  • Nutritional information
  • Logo indicating ‘vegetarian’ or ‘non-vegetarian’ status
  • Customer care details

  • Customer-Care Details

    As per Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, every package shall bear the name, address, telephone number, and email address, if available, of the person who can be – or the office that can be – contacted in case of consumer complaints.