Brands Tested

Unit Price

The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheapest and costliest brands.

  • As per unit price, Fun Flips is the cheapest and Kakaji and Kaleva are the costliest. Interestingly, the costliest brands also have the highest fats.

  • General Factors


    The creative teams at packaged-food companies are constantly brainstorming, innovating, and ideating to make those fluffy packets attractive for consumers and safe enough to store those crispy wafers. As per the required norms, the sealing of potato chips packets shall be don hermetically with or without nitrogen flushing to retain the contents in a fresh condition.

  • Among the brands tested, all the products came with laminated (thermoplastic), nitrogen-filled packaging none of them had violated any packaging norm.
  • Marking

    The following particulars shall be marked or labelled on each panel:

    • Name of the material and trademark, if any
    • Name and address of manufacturer ,/li>
    • Batch or code number
    • Net weight in grams
    • Date of manufacture
    • List o ingredients
    • Nutritional claim
    • Permitted additives
    • Maximum retail price
    • The words 'Best Before' (date to be given by manufacturer)
    • Standard mark, i any
    • 'Green dot' marking for vegetarian status

    The ingredients on Super Asian, a local brand, were completely misleading. These included chana, besan, chilli, groundnut, moong dal, and many such elements not used in making potato chips (it is possible that the manufacturers are using same packaging for all their products.

    All the other brands had appropriate labelling.

    Fat content

    While fat gives crispiness and add taste to chips, in addition to increasing their shelf life, excess fat makes them greasy and also adds extra calories. The fat percentage is one of the top reasons that anyway make chips a junk food. All samples were tested for total fat content on percentage basis as per the relevant Indian Standard. The standard requires that fat content be not ore than 35% by mass.

    • Fat content in Kakaji (41.74 g/100gm), Kaleva (39.67 gm/100g), and Fun Flips (39.58 gm/100 gm) was higher than the upper limits of 35%. Further, Bingo, Fun Flips, Kakaji, Kaleva, Lay's, and Uncle Chipps declared the total at content to be more than the limit specified in Indian Standard.
    • The lowest fat percentage was found in Bingo at 27.23%, followed by Bikaneri at 30.10 %.

    Salt Content

    As per Indian Standard, salt content should not be more than 2.5% by mass.

  • Haldiram's, which is one of the top-selling brands in the country, surpassed the set limit. The salt content in it turned out to be 3.11%. This is a breach o IS: 12575.
  • Sensory Panel's Report

    Subjective sensory tests were conducted as per procedure. Panellists rated the potato chips brands on various attributes including colour and appearance, flavour, odour, taste, after-taste, and overall acceptance.

  • Fun Flips was rated as the best, followed by Bingo