Parameters Tested

Milk Fat

Fat is an essential part of any balanced diet, providing fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and a concentrated source of energy. As per Dietary Guidelines for Indian by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, 2010, diets of young children and adolescents should contain about 30 grams to 50 grams fat per day. A higher amount of milk fat in lassi is good for consumers.

Solids Not Fat (SNF)

Apart from fat, all other solids such as caseins, whey proteins, lactose, vitamins and minerals together make up solids not fat. As all nutrients are required by the body, higher SNF quantity is better.

  • Verka (18.88 grams/100 ml) was found with the highest SNF; Mother Dairy (16.01 grams/100 ml) had the least SNF.

  • For General Qualities


    The material shall be packed in clean, sound and dry containers. The material shall be processed and packed under good hygienic conditions.

  • All the brands were packed as required by FSS Regulations.
  • Marking

    The following information shall be clearly and indelibly marked on the label of each container/ packet:

    - Name of the product
    - Trade name, if any
    - Name of the product
    - Trade name, if any
    - Name and address of manufacturer
    - Batch or code number
    - Net volume in ml
    - Month and year of manufacture
    - The words ‘Best before’ (month and year to be indicated)
    - Nutritional information
    - Logo indicating ‘vegetarian’ or ‘non-vegetarian’ status
    - Storage information
    - Customer-care details

    The importance of marking cannot be overemphasised, as it gives information about the characteristics of the product and/or claims of the manufacturer, all of which help consumers in choosing the product.

  • All brands had labelling as required by FSS Regulations.