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Amazon Oasis Kindle Lighter than a paperback, Longest Battery Life Kindle, High-resolution 300 ppi, Thinnest and the only light weight Kindle, Enhanced built-in adjustable light, Free cloud storage for all Amazon content

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Wi-Fi Only

The 3G feature in this device enables you to access wikipedia and kindle store to download books. Kindle 3G can connect to the internet via free 3G without a wireless set up. The 3G connectivity uses the same wireless network as your phone without paying any monthly fees. But your kindle may use the wireless network.


Glare free screen enables reading even in direct sunlight. It gives a real paper like effect while reading on an e-reader in the sunlight.

Resolution 300 PPI
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Reading your favorite literary piece has never been more fun. The Kindle range of e-readers by Amazon has made reading much more accessible and easy for all age groups. Now, you can read using a Kindle in your shared bedroom, on the beach at night, and even on a long distance flight without switching on the overhead light. The Kindle e – reader we are reviewing today is the latest model, which is, Kindle Oasis: the thinnest & lightest kindle ever.

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Product Features

All the Kindle models, promote easy reading which don’t tire the eyes due to their glare free reading and low weight. Kindle Oasis goes one step further in further reducing the weight on your arms as it’s the thinnest and most lightweight kindle device, therefore reading for longer hours has just become even easier than it was before. Kindle Oasis is 20 % lighter and 30 % thinner than any other Kindle device.

A tapered ergonomic handgrip shifts the centre of gravity to the user’s palm instead of putting the weight on the fingers, and thereby makes the device rest in the user’s hand just like the spine of a book. It also enables one hand reading. The handgrip tapers to an ultra-thin 3.4 mm display, so the reader can enjoy reading without a glitch for hours. Kindle Oasis comes with the strongest ever cover glass, stronger than any of the previous kindles and has a featherweight frame infused with metal done using structural electroplating. This further ensures that although the device is extremely lightweight, it is strong enough to be carried everywhere.

Kindle Oasis, comes with a Dual – battery charging system therefore providing the longest battery life among all the Kindles. Oasis comes with a Leather Charging cover (included with the device and does not have to be bought separately), which can boost battery to last months. The device and cover can be charged simultaneously while joined together and plugged in. When on the move, the cover will recharge the device automatically, thereby giving months of combined battery life. Oasis comes with a hibernation mode (a feature missing in all other versions), which minimizes the power consumption when the Kindle is inactive, thereby increasing the battery life to its fullest capacity. The device completely charges in about 3 hours time when connected to a computer via USB cable.

Kindle devices are known to provide glare free reading and unlike most e – readers, on the kindle devices, it is possible to read without exerting even under direct sunlight. Oasis has a high resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch which determines the image quality in an electronic device), which ensures crisp, laser quality text akin to a printed page. This is also the highest resolution across all Kindle devices. Oasis comes with a redesigned built – in feature which contains of 60 % more LEDs than any other Kindle, thereby increasing the consistency and range of screen brightness for improved reading in all types of lighting. With a built in front light, Oasis ensures that the readers enjoy comfortable reading without eyestrain. This enhanced built – in adjustable light assists the user in choosing the best suited illumination for reading in any situation and anywhere.

Kindle Oasis offers the option to turn the page with either the touch display (as also found in all previous Kindles), or use the page turn buttons, which are located on the front of the handgrip. The in-built physical buttons to change the pages ensures that there is no break in reading continuity. A fascinating feature is that whether the user chooses to read from left or right hand, Kindle Oasis automatically rotates the page orientation to match. The integrated accelerometer means the screen will auto right itself whenever the device is turned upside down (much like in smart phones), or switch from hand to hand and when turned, the two page turning buttons take on reversed tasks. Oasis also comes with a landscaping feature allowing reading in the landscape mode. Users need to select this mode from the drop - down settings menu and it enables hands free reading as one can just keep the device propped upright while lounging back or otherwise.

Kindle Oasis comes with a host of features which enables ease of reading, apart from the ones already mentioned. With Page Flip feature, readers can skim page by page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end for a sneak peak all without losing the reading page. Adding margin notes to be edited or shared later, highlighting portions of the text or meaningful quotes is super easy and sharing them on online media is even easier.

Up to 8 text sizes are available on this device to help you choose the best suitable size for yourself, thereby preventing tired eyes and helping the user read longer. It is also very easy to make different folders for the books on your kindle, thereby categorizing them to locate them easily. One of the best features is the Time to Read feature which allows the user to see how much time is left to reach the book, or a chapter and also shows the percentage of book complete. The Time to Read is customized based on the reader’s speed. With Bing Translator, one can easily translate any word or highlighted section into another language.

With in-built Vocabulary features like the Smart Lookup, all you have to do is long press on the word or phrase and you will have the option to know the word’s meaning, learn more about it via Wikipedia and even look up the word in the thesaurus, all while staying on the current page. What’s more? Every word you select gets saved in the device’s dictionary, thereby saving it for memory. The X-ray feature, exclusive to kindle e-readers, allows the users to scan through all the passages in the book which mention relevant ideas, characters, etc. The Whisper sync technology allows the user to automatically save and synchronise the furthest read page, bookmarks, notes and highlights across all devices where you are using kindle app. This implies that the user can start reading a book on one device and continue it on another from the same page.

Kindle Oasis is available in two connectivity modes, much like its previous models: WIFI or WIFI plus 3G. It is also completely wireless much like the previous versions. The on – device storage is 4 GB (translates to roughly 1100 books) and comes with free cloud storage for all Amazon content. The device has a 1 GHz processor.

It comes with a limited warranty for 1 year provided by the manufacturer.


This device is the thinnest and lightest kindle device that Amazon has come out with. It gives a very sleek and contemporary look. Moreover, all other models of Kindle look fairly similar from the outside, whereas, this model has a completely new finish and design. The device comes with physical buttons to facilitate ease of page changing. The feel of the body and screen is very real and the matte finish ensures high satisfaction while reading.

Display size of Oasis is 6 inch. Oasis dimensions are 143 * 122 * 3.4 – 8.5 mm. The weight for the WIFI only model is 131 g and for the WIFI + 3G model is 133 g. Both these versions weigh the lowest among all Kindle models. The 3G model is best when you are often on the move or don’t have access to a stable WIFI connection. Amazon pays for the Kindle Oasis’s 3G connectivity, making this model highly lucrative.

The removable Leather Charging cover is made of high quality leather. The cover opens like a book and fits closely around the bezel; it wakes the Kindle when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. Twelve magnets ensure that there is a solid attachment between the device and the cover; however, when the lightest weight is desired, one can easily detach the cover from the device.

The device is accompanied with a leather charging cover, USB 2.0 charging cable and a Quick Start guide. A Kindle Oasis User’s guide PDF is pre installed on the device.


Kindle Oasis, literally reads like a book. The texts read like printed pages with all fonts being hand tuned at the pixel level. First time Kindle Users do not need any assistance in setting up or using the device. It is extremely easy to navigate around the various settings and in built buttons. The leather cover can be easily fixed and removed but it does add a sense of weight to the Oasis and then eliminates the lightweight feel from it.

With the option of choosing different text sizes and fonts, it is very easy for everyone to enjoy the text without straining the eyes. Battery life is impeccable, even if you read on an average of 5 to 6 hours every day. Oasis offers two weeks of battery life on its own, and over nine weeks when combined with the cover. The glare free words wonderfully and it’s almost as if you were reading from a book. The overall performance of Oasis, especially in terms of speed (even after the latest improvements) is still much similar to the previous versions, Voyage and even the Paper white.

Service Support

The quality of servicing offered post purchase is not very good, especially in smaller towns. In fact, since the Kindle is available only online and not with offline retailers, users can find themselves in a loop if and when the device malfunctions.



Oasis has the longest battery life which can be further extended by using the Leather Charging cover which is supplied with the device. Compared with all other Kindles whose battery lasts for weeks, Oasis’s battery lasts up to months. With Good reads app being in-built in the device, it is very convenient to connect with friends and family and stay in touch with what they are reading. Users can also follow authors and popular figures to know about their latest books or recommendations.

Imagine having access to thousands of titles, fiction or non-fiction, for you, your parents and your kids all at just the touch of a button? Kindle gives you this experience. Just buy the Oasis and you have access to 30,000 plus free e-books available as per your convenience. All you need is a working network connection for it. And once you are a Kindle owner, you can even opt for a Kindle Unlimited membership wherein you have to pay a small amount, for free and discounted access to millions of books. Another major advantage of reading using the Kindle is that most of the books available for Kindle come at a spectacularly low or discounted price, thus helping the user in saving a lot more as compared to reading and / or buying physical books.

Kindle makes reading a joy for young children with its various features like Vocabulary Builder, which stores all new words and can be accessed as per convenience. Kindle Text Pop for children’s books and Kindle Panel View for comic books, ensures a fun reading experience for the tiny tots.


Kindle Oasis is slightly overpriced, given the fact that almost half of the features present in the Oasis, are also available in the previous versions, for instance, 6 inch screen which is glare free, built in light, 300 ppi resolution, availability in various connectivity modes, similar storage space, and several others. Two features which truly stand out and are not present in the previous models is the leather cover for extended battery, and the lightness of the device. But asking the users to shell out almost 10 K more than its previously most expensive model (Voyage 3G), is a bit much. Further, if the leather cover is the main reason behind the high price for Oasis, then while using the cover, users won’t get the lightweight feel of Oasis, which seems to be major marketing point.

The leather cover does not have many color options and like the device comes in only black, at least for the Indian market. The case is not waterproof, which may not sound like too much of a disadvantage, but for the price to be paid for Oasis, some users may expect waterproofing. The reading technology used in Kindles and Oasis is still e-ink technology. Compared to LCD reading technology, e-ink has its own share of disadvantages. Further, e – ink is a monochrome platform. Once again, for a plain black and white reading Oasis seems to be a bit overpriced.



With all its features, even the drawback of a high price, Kindle Oasis is very simply, the best e-reader that can be bought in the market today, and therefore a rating of 9/10 suffices. If the price can be reduced a bit, it will be a 10/10 rating.

Overall Rating