Philips HR2775 Juicer Mixer Grinder (JMG)
HR2775/00 Dust Cover, PP & SAN Material, Drip Stop, 25 W

Review of HR2775 Philips Citrus Press Juicer


Care for a glass of freshly squeezed juice of one of your favorite citrus fruits? If the answer is yes then there is no better product for you than the Citrus Press Juicer HR2775 by Philips. Let’s read more about this product which simplifies and adds a flavor to our morning breakfasts. The Citrus Press juicer comes in white color and has a design as simple as its usage. It is easy to handle and store and extremely lightweight.

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The Citrus Press juicer which comes in two varieties of 1 L & 0.5 L is perhaps the simplest option for making juice from any citrus fruit (read oranges, lime, sweet lime, and the like). In this review we will focus on the 1 L variety which in terms of costing and features is a better deal than the 0.5 L.

To squeeze the juice out from a citrus fruit on this device is really easy. All you have to do is cut your orange or lime, for example, into half and hold it on the dual cone. The moment you put even slight pressure on the fruit, (which is now touching the cone), the cone starts revolving and juices start flowing. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

The 1 L version of Citrus Press HR2775 uses 25 watts of electricity to run. It comes with a jar with not only clear volume indication labeling but the volume indication panel is also transparent giving the user a clear idea of the volume produced. A double cone feature allows the user to select the cone most appropriate depending on the fruits’ size. The device also comes with a pulp selector option. By simply adjusting a sliding button, the user can control the pulpiness in the juice, from a totally watery liquid sans any pulp to a completely pulpy one.

The 1 L version of HR2775 also comes with a dust cover, a feature missing in the 0.5 L variant. The advantage of having a dust cover is that you can leave the juice inside the juicer for later use or if you have to attend to another task while extracting juice, you can just put the cover back, which will protect your juice and fruits from flies, etc. Another handy feature in the device is the cord storage at the bottom of the device, which allows hassle free device storage.


As the name suggests, this device is only for citrus fruits, largely restricting its use which is a drawback. If you are looking at a variety of fruit juices, perhaps this is not the best option or you will have to stock up on the other juicers available in the market. A drawback of the pulp selector is, if the pulp selector is kept completely open then chances of small seeds penetrating the filter and entering the juice produce are very high, thereby ensuring that the user spends a major portion of their time manually removing the seeds. However, the battle with seeds in citrus fruit juices is one which is present in many juicers. Further, at least the user of Citrus Press can be sure that no seeds will be crushed in the process of juice extraction, so no chances of the juice turning sour. Juice extraction through this device can be a time taking & tedious job, especially if large quantities (read a few liter) of juice has to be extracted.


The biggest U.S.P. of the HR2775 is the ease of usage, for e.g., even children can make themselves a healthy glass of juice using the Citrus Press. The device is easy to clean as all the parts of the juicer unit are detachable and can be washed separately (of course, don’t wash the cord unit). The various parts are also dishwasher friendly.

In conclusion, the Citrus Press does what it is meant to do: extract citrus fruit juices and for that, keeping in mind all the advantages & drawbacks, the device can be given a rating of 8 on 10.

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