Havells Marathon White Juicer Mixer Grinder (JMG)
Marathon 750W / GHFMGAFW075 Rust proof plastic body, anti-skid feet, dry grinding feature, auto-shut off for overload protection

Havells Marathon

Functions Grinder, Juicer, Mixer
No of Jars 3
Speed Setting 3 Speed Setting
Blender Function Mixing
Power 750 W
Warranty(Months) 24
Warranty Terms 2 years on mixer and 5 years on motor
Available on Conzumr Since September 2017

If there is one place in the house, where maximum help is needed, it has to be the kitchen. Technology in the kitchen has seen several innovations with each passing day, and every new gadget in the market claims to ease the process of cooking endless meals. Thanks to the many domestic gadgets for kitchen use in the market, life has definitely become simpler. One of the many kitchen gadgets that have made cooking simpler in the past decade or so are the mixer-grinders, which form an essential part of any household these days. And the variety out there in the market for this category of kitchen appliance is mind-boggling.

Here, we have reviewed the Marathon, mixer-grinder by Havells, which comes with three jars of different sizes, thereby, assisting the user in a wide variety of ways. The largest capacity jar is 1.5 L, primarily meant for liquidizing purposes; the 1.0 L jar is primarily meant for grinding (wet / dry); and the 0.5 L jar is meant for all the chutney lovers found in each Indian household. Each of these jars is made of hygienic stainless steel and consist hard chrome blades.

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Product Features

The Marathon mixer-grinder comes with vacuum feet which ensure stable support on firm surfaces. It also comes with ABS body, jar handles, and dome. An ABS body ensures better shock - proof protection. The jar dome lids are also made of ABS and the domes come with POM lock for extra safety. These locks ensure that the jar lids are firmly in place. The jar domes and lids are made up of polycarbonate which is break resistant.

The Marathon mixer grinder runs on heavy duty motor, requiring 750 watts of power. The speed button is very simple to use and comes with 3 options with pulse function. Among the other features of Marathon are: flow breakers in the jars for better performance and built in over load protector for motor safety. This mixer grinder by Havells is available in two colours: ivory & white. The product comes with a 2 year warranty and a whopping 5 year warranty for the motor.


Grinding chutney is a very smooth process in the smallest jar of 0.5 L. One needs to just add the coriander leaves with the needed spices and the grinder takes care of it. A rich and smooth paste with no lumps is the end product. The 0.5 L jar can also be used for making idli / dosa batter and once again, the end product is a thick and rich batter. Making milk shakes from fruits or syrups has never been easier. Depending on the quantity, either of the 1.5 L / 1 L jar work fine. It barely takes 10 to 15 seconds for the all the ingredients to get mixed properly and the drink thus produced, is a fine mix of the elements therein. Grinding of masalas, nuts, soft biscuits can also be undertaken in the 1.0 L jar, and the grinded products are extremely fine.


Some of the drawbacks of this product include the need to hold the jar when the processing is on,so one gets tied down when using the mixer – grinder, even more so with the 0.5 L. In spite of all the safety features, one cannot just put the switch on in the mixer and go about other tasks. The colours options available are very light and thus, the device tends to get dirty easily.


The major plus points of the Marathon mixer grinder are: 

- Ease of usage. 

- Safety features like ABS body, polycarbonate jar domes and lids which also comes with POM locks, and built in overload protector. 

- The 3 variety of jars from 1.5 L to 0.5 L equip the user with a wide variety of usage options.

- 2 yr. product warranty & 5 yr. motor warranty. 

  A rating of 8 / 10 is warranted for this product.

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