Glen GL 4043 MC Juicer Mixer Grinder (JMG)
GL 4043 Mini Chopper White Pureeing Function, Small compact size - Capacity 400 mlm 250 watts power consumption

GL 4043 Mini Chopper


Chopping vegetables is the most difficult and tedious job in cooking. Lot of women avoid cooking their favorite dishes just because they have to chop lot of vegetables. For a working women, chopping vegetables is more painful due to shortage of time. They need a genie to do all the job so that they can relax a bit. That genie is Vegetable Chopper. It reduces time and effort by providing assistance. The mini vegetable chopper manufactured by Glen Appliances Pvt. Ltd is really popular in market. Its model number is GL 4043 MC.

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Product Features

Glen Mini Chopper comes with a small compact size jar with capacity of 400ml. Jar is food grade transparent for clear visibility. Bowl comes with rust-resistant stainless steel blades which stays sharp for longest period of time. Blades are not attached to jar. These are detachable. Mini chopper comes with push start feature along with power of 250 watts and operates at 210-250 volts. The ring is non slippery which keeps chopper stable while in motion. Its 35 inches in length and wide by 13 inches with a height of 13 inches. Glen chopper comes with a warranty of one year. It has single speed feature which makes it really easy to use. Even kids can operate this chopper under guidance of elders.

Design –The GL4043MC is very handy with stylish design which complement kitchen well.Whisker is white in color with purple color push start button in middle. It easy to hold and get adjusted easily on the transparent jar. Bottom of jar is quite wide to provide more stability. When whisker comes in motion there is no need to hold jar as in case of regular mixer.

Performance:– Glen chopper is very handy that makes chopping of vegetables easy. Lot of vegetables like onions, capsicum, cauliflower and other leafy vegetables can be chopped smoothly. Rust free stainless steel blades do their job well and vegetables are cut fine. You can see the functioning through clear jar and can cut in your preferable size. Let’s say if you wish to chop onion to really fine particles then keep the push button pressed for a longer while. If you wish to have them cut to smaller size then stop earlier. The 4043 MC also works as blender and makes tomato puree, blends butter milk and can even make cold coffee. Its detachable blades are easy to wash and after removing blades jar could be used as storage container to keep remaining chopped vegetables or butter milk or coffee or puree. Jar is also easy to wash which is rare feature seen in chopper and mixers. You just need to wipe whisker with clean cloth and its gets cleaned. Wire could be coiled around the whisker and can easily be stored in kitchen cabinet. Glen chopper is very durable. In case one needs some support Glen has lot of service centers all over India. Company has covered almost every state and city.


Glen GL 4043 MC is a good chopper available in market. It’s apt for nuclear family. Chopper is decently priced and can be afforded by large number of people.

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