Microtek UPS E2 925 VA UPS & Inverter
UPS E²+ 925 VA MICROTEK UPS E2+ models are designed using latest state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance & High Reliability.

E2 925 VA Inverter

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Priced around Rs 6000/-, Microtek E2 925 inverter is designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology to improve the performance and making it more reliable.

Load shedding and power cuts are a common feature in India. Whether you are living in town or village, you are faced with the problem of power cuts. During the summer the power cuts are, more often, but during the rainy season too, there are power cuts as the electricity trips due to lighting and rains.

No need to suffer in the sweltering heat during the day or night when you can keep the fans, lights and television running on Microtek E2 925 inverter that can be easily installed at home or office.

This inverter from Microtek is a sine wave inverter with a capacity of 925 V. Microtek E2 925 inverter uses the Mosfet technology.

Mosfet stands for metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor which is a type of transistor that is used to amplify or switch electronic signals. The advantage of MOSFET over regular transistor is that it requires very little current to start while it delivers a much higher current load.


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Product Features
  • The inverter has intelligent control design as it is based on micro-controllers
  • The transformers used are highly efficient, which reduce the charging time of the battery and increase the backup which ultimately saves energy
  • There is minimum loss of energy when power conversion is being done from DC to AC
  • The display indicator shows status and the fault.
  • CCCV (constant current, constant voltage) technology and auto trickle mode, which means that the fully charged battery gets automatically charged under no load. This auto trickle mode enables the battery to remain fully charged
  • Microtek E2 925 inverter senses the overload. There is a short circuit protection which ensures that the devices are protected in case of any electrical load variation
  • The input voltage range is wide for you to select the input
  • With a wide service network across the country, Microtek E2 925 inverter is easily serviceable

Price and Warranty

  • Microtek E2 925 inverter is priced around RS 6000/- though you should check various online portals as some do offer a good deal on inverters.
  • Microtek E2 925 inverter comes with a warranty of 24 months.
  • Microteck is the leading manufacturer of power products in India. The wide service network ensures good and quick service to keep your inverter running.
  • Microtek is a company who are experts in the field of power products.
  • The 925 V inverter is sufficient for a household or small office.
  • The overload and circuit breaker is protection for your devices in case of power fluctuation.
  • The battery is always fully charged as it uses the auto trickle charging technology.
  • The usage status as well as the faulty status is clearly displayed.
  • Installation of Microtek E2 925 inverter is easy and is efficiently done by the Microtek service personnels.
  • The sine wave inverter is almost noiseless.
  • Two year warranty on Microtek E2 925 inverter proves beneficial in the long run.
  • The price is slightly higher for a 925 V Microtek E2 925 inverter.
  • Only one color is available that is gray, which may not go with your interiors.


An inverter increases the voltage of direct current, changes it to alternating current then sends it to power various devices. The devices are designed to convert the alternating current into direct current. As the inverter reverses the process to accomplish the opposite effect, they are called inverters.

Microtek E2 925 inverter charges the battery from the mains and converts it to supply power to offices or home where it is installed. The MOSFET technology/circuit that is used, which is basically the transistor forms sine waves as output waves which renders the inverter without the buzzing sound. 

The 925 V Microtek E2 925 inverter is quite powerful. We will rate it at 7 out of 10 which is a good buy as it comes with a two years warranty.

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