Microtek Supermax Series - II (3 Phase in - 3 Phase out) 5KVA to 30KVA UPS & Inverter
Supermax - Series - II Software Centers, Mission Critical Process, Offices, Railways, Airport, Hospitals, Defence, Telecom Centers, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Laboratory and all type of three ph. Load e.g. 3 ph. motor, lifts etc.


Capacity 30000 VA
Series # Online UPS
Warranty(Months) 24
Available on Conzumr Since August 2016

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Can you imagine life without electricity? We are so dependent on electricity supply for all the variousgadgets and gizmos that we probably may suffer a mental disorder if without electricity even for a few minutes. Why go through the mental torture and stress when Microtek Supermax Series II inverter is here to take care of you at those times when there is power failure. In India there is lot of power cuts which inconvenience you whether you reside in a village or a big town. Beat the power cuts with Microtek inverters.

Inverter, as the name suggests inverts the process. The Direct current voltage is increased, converted to alternating current and sent out to power various devices. The devices are designed to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. Inverters basically reverse the process to achieve the opposite effect, they are called inverters!


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About Microtek Supermax Series II inverter

This inverter from Microtek is a true online double inverter that uses 3 phase input and delivers a 3 phase output from 5KVA to 30KVA. The inverter has a high end micro controller with automatic battery charging in UPS off mode. The wide range of voltage makes it convenient to use while the short circuit overload protections ensures that the Microtek Supermax Series II inverter circuits remain intact.

The technology used is the double conversion high frequency, switching PWM and uses IGBTs. The input voltage for the three phase ranges from 360 V AC to 450 V AC (+/-/5 V AC) with the output voltage being 400V AC. The overload capacity is 125% for 2 minutes before the circuit breaks protecting the devices. The Microtek Supermax Series II inverter uses the pure sine wave to convert power almost noiselessly.When the battery is low or the DC output is high, an audible alarm goes off to alert the user. Microtek Supermax Series II inverter works efficiently in temperature ranges from 0 degree to 45 degree C.

Applications of Microtek Supermax Series II inverter

With a capacity of 5KVA to 30KVA, Microtek Supermax Series II inverter is widely used in offices, railways, airports, software centers, backup required for critical processes, hospitals, telecom centers,pharma labs, chemical plants , lifts, motors and all places where a three phase load is required.

The price of Microtek Supermax Series II inverter will be as per the KVA you choose. A 5KVA should cost around Rs 55000/-. It is advisable to identify the power that you require and then go in for the purchase.

Usually the Microtek Supermax Series II inverter comes with a standard manufacturer warranty. After sales service is offered by Microtek which is reliable. They have services centers all over the countery which ensures prompt service.

Method/technology used in Microtek Supermax Series II inverter

  • Microtek Supermax Series II inverter uses IGBTs, which stands for insulated-gate bipolar transistor.
  • It is a semiconductor device with three terminals that is used as an electric switch.
  • This device was developed to improve efficiency and enable fast switching.
  • Microtek Supermax Series II inverter is a product developed by Microtek who are experts in the field of power conversion
  • The wide range of inverters with capacity from 5 KVA to 30 KVA lets you choose as per your requirement for various application
  • Overload and circuit breaker for protection
  • Automatic charging of battery
  • Audio alarms to alert the user
  • Three phase input and three phase output as well
  • LED for UPS status and LCD for voltage, current and frequencies
  • Noise level as low as 50 dB as Microtek Supermax Series II inverter uses pure sine wave form
  • Microtek Supermax Series II inverter efficiency is claimed to be less 90% on full load
  • Overall efficiency is around 80% under test conditions
  • Temperature is some regions go above 45 deg C which makes it risky to use Microtek Supermax Series II inverter


The technical team would rate Microtek Supermax Series II inverter at 7 on a scale of 10. With lower noise levels, almost instant switching this inverter has found good use in offices where non interrupted power is required for continuous processes.

Identify your requirement and check the prices before you make the purchase. You can be assured of a quality product and excellent after sales services as Microtek is one of the largest manufacturer of power products in India who use the latest technology and innovations to improve upon the products performance and efficiency.

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