What you need to look for when buying an inverter

Summer or winter, power outages can hit you anytime. Don’t find yourself in the dark; instead pick up a handy inverter for your home. In this guide, Conzumr has assembled all the basic information that will help you understand inverter-jargon and ensure that you make an informed choice about which inverter will serve your needs best.

What does an Inverter do? In simple terms, an inverter is a device that converts DC (direct current) power from an attached battery to AC (alternating current), in order to run appliances in your home or office in case of a power cut...

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DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET

DSP is one of the most powerful and advanced technologies which is used for high speed processing applications. This helps in saving loss of power, which happens during the process of power generation by a normal Commercial UPS.

Waveform Type

Pure Sine Wave is the purest and is 100% clean, regulated, and completely stable and distortion free power output, which is absolutely safe for running complex appliances without humming & irritating sound.

Instant Switch Over

In case of power failure, the process of switching over the battery mode is of few milliseconds hence the power supplied to the connected appliances, like computer is not interrupted, as a result of which the system does not reboot.

Protection for your Appliances

A feature, which will automatically switch on to the Battery mode in case there is extreme high or low voltage supplied from the mains, which protects your valuable equipment.

Constant Supply of Power

During power failure, the voltage supplied by CUPS will not differ with the increase or decrease in the load, hence delivering electricity consistently through CUPS. The voltage & frequency at the battery mode will be consistent and will not be affected by increase or decrease in the load.

Fuzzy Logic Charging Technique

This is unique technology that protects the battery, reduces frequency of water topping and increases battery life by sensing the requirement of charging required by the battery.

Battery Water topping Alarm

Intelligent reminder for flooded lead acid batteries. You will not have to remember as to when to top up the batteries. The message will be displayed after every 3 months.

Powers Mix Load

The appliance is equipped to run mix load, it can easily run office appliances such as laser printer, photocopier as well as home appliances such as washing machine, water pumps, refrigerator etc.



The type of operation system of the UPS is known as topology.

Voltage Range NW UPS Mode

Voltage Range NW UPS Mode - Narrow-Wide range is the range of input voltage for which power inverter will work on line mode (external power) and then switch to backup mode. For example, you have got a power inverter that has got ‘narrow range’ of 170 V to 250 V, it won’t switch over to batteries backup if voltage is higher than 170 V and lower than 250 V. On the other hands, if ‘wide range’ is selected which is supposedly designed for 110 V to 260 V, the power inverter will not switch to backup mode as long as external power is available and voltage is higher than 110 V and lower than 260 V.

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