Inalsa EASY CHOP Hand Blender
The chopper attachment is perfectly suited for chopping meat, cheese, onions, herbs, garlic, carrots, walnuts, almonds, chilies etc.

Review of Inalsa Easy Chop

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Almost all the dishes that we make at our home require chopped vegetables. I find chopping vegetables to be the most time consuming aspect of cooking. And not to forget that chopping some vegetables can be painful and tearful too.

And then I came across, Inalsa Easy Chop. It is a product that truly lives up to its name. Why and how, you may ask. Allow me to elaborate...

Product Features

Inalsa Easy Chop has some distinct features that makes it an efficient and dependable appliance of my kitchen.

  • Attractive, compact and stylish design
  • Bowl capacity: 500ml
  • High quality chopper blade and whisking disk
  • Powerful 250W motor cuts through most foods
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Single speed control
  • Non-breakable PC processing bowl
  • 2 year warranty


It makes sense to make Inalsa easy Chop an integral part of the kitchen because of its distinct advantages.

  • Easy to use. A one push or press chops, dices, whisks and purees all sorts of fruits and vegetables.
  • Depending on the need of the dish, vegetables can be cut into large chops, medium chops, diced or minced. Just  run the machine for longer time but keep checking every now for the results you want. 
  • Speeds up the work in the kitchen as most of the functions, like making puree, chopping, ice crushing, whisking, takes a maximum of 15-30 seconds
  • The powerful motor of 250 watt allows the chopper blade and whipping disk the power to run continuously for 3 minutes.
  • Can be used to chop vegetables like onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chillies, cabbage, cheese, coriander etc
  • Ideal for whisking shakes and smoothies.
  • Stainless steel blade that doesn't rust adds to the long life of this wonder kitchen gadget.


  • There aren't too many Inalsa Service Centres in many cities. So, would have to go really far in case the need arises.
Overall Rating


They say, good things comes in small packages. Inalsa Easy Chop is one such thing. It packs a punch despite its small size. It's a time saviour and makes chopping and dicing so simple and easy. Highly recommended.

Below are some of the images I took while chopping onions using easy chop:

Inalsa Easy Chop Step1
Inalsa Easy Chop Step2
Inalsa Easy Chop Step3

Inalsa Easy Chop Step4
Inalsa Easy Chop Step5
Overall Rating