Philips HP8316/00 Hair Straightener
KeraShine Straightener Universal voltage, Keratin Ceramic Coating, 1.8 m cord for maximum flexibility, Fast heat up time, ready to use in 60 seconds

Preview of Philips KeraShine Straightener Hair Straightener

Type Hair Straightener
Keratin ceramic plates

Keratin, a fibrous protein, forms the main structural component of human hair. Infusion of Keratin rejuvenates and revitalizes hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel. The Keratin infused in the ceramic plates of the Hair Straightners helps in smoothening of hair by closing cuticles, ions reduce frizz and make hair dust repellent.

These ceramic plates heat up quickly as they are good heat conductors. Low friction between plate and hair means there is less damage to your hair. These smooth plates will give you ultra straight hair with added shine.

Ceramic Coating

  • Keratin, a fibrous protein, forms the main structural component of human hair. Infusion of Keratin rejuvenates and revitalizes hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel. The Keratin infused in the ceramic plates of the Hair Straightners helps in smoothening of hair by closing cuticles, ions reduce frizz and make hair dust repellent.
  • Titanium Flat irons - It has fastest heat transfer for immediate superior results, regardless of the hair’s condition. The durability, resistance is more suitable for heavy salon usage and less for daily usage. It has a higher ionic charge that makes hair straight and sleek quickly. Leaving your hair on this type of plates for a long time may damage your hair.
  • Ceramic Flat Irons - These Hair straightners heat evenly thus protecting your hair from heat damage caused by uneven hot spots. It is suitable for home usage. Ceramic coated plates are best to use.
  • Touramaline Ceramic Plates - It combines the benefits of ionic and infrared technology for healthier and manageable hair. These plates generate negative ions to help lock in moisture which is good for your hair condition. They emit gentle infra-red heat as they glide through your hair for the ultimate high-shine finish.
  • Hair length Long, Short
    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms 2 Year Product Warranty
    Available on Conzumr Since July 2017

    If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Hair Straightener, please read our Conzumr Guide


    Hair straighteners are exemplary styling tools that can help you straighten and style your hair, regardless of your hair type or length. Every girl should have a hair straightener in their checklist. With a high-quality hair straightener, also known as a flat iron, you can achieve that popular sleek and modern look without damaging your hair. Conzumr is outlining in this article Philips Keratin hair straightener. Look no further for a hair straightener that has the right balance of heat, performance and safety.

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    Product Features

    The Philips KeraShine is packed with some 'lime light' features! Let's talk about them, one by one.  

    The Boon of Keratin: As the name suggests, Philips KeraShine hair straightener has got Keratin, a protein found in the dead cells of our body like the nails and hair. This protein, when applied, penetrates into the gaps of your damaged hair and recompense for the losses that your hair has incurred in the harsh treatment processes. Each time you straighten or curl, the cuticles and texture of the hair are enfeebled to great extent. Philips KeraShine probably has a solution to this problem. It has launched extra wide Keratin Ceramic containing plates which are specially designed to give your hair smoothness and shine.

    Other Features: Philips has enlisted many features, one of them is the extra ionic conditioning. Did you know that our hair has positive and negative ions? Yes, they do exist. Activities like brushing, combing or going through a treatment, minify the amount of negative ions in your hair. This reduction in the number of negative ions leads to imbalance among the charges. Philips KeraShine is designed with plates that deliver charged negative ions, hence balancing the amount of positive and negative ions in the hair. When there is optimal balance between the charged ions, your hair does not face the roughness and breakage after treatments. What is left behind is only beautifully smooth and lustrous hair which can take care of itself from pollution and dust.

    Salon straightening experiences are observed to be more efficient than home  self-experiments. This is  because of the difference in the temperatures of the machines we use at home and that of the professional equipments. But now  you can easily get the salon look at home in no time. KeraShine uses 210°C high temperature just like a professional machine. It also quickly heats up within 60 seconds so that you don't get late for your appointments anymore.  Leave everyone behind in the line, you do not have to hook up waiting for your chance in the salon now.  

    We have also observed that girls with thick and frizzy hair usually go through bad hair days with dry and unmanageable hair in the humid weathers. But they mostly opt for a speedy recovery for all problems and choose Philips. Philips' KeraShine straightener is built to smoothen your  hair instantly with its super speed of straightening.  

    The next feature is the Swivel cord. The name was given for its ultimate flexible working. You can twist and turn the wire according to your comfort. It has a length of 1.8 m and is quite long but avoids the usual tangling of long wires at the same time. The cord also won't pose a problem when your electric plug is at a distance from your dressing table. This gives you an ease to multi-task while straightening.

    The other features are the easy locking system and the loop for wall mounting, which help you to store the item easily.  It is light-weight and made of non iron, non plastic materials. This is an entirely Eco Friendly product which follows the Philips EcoVision program. The program has taken efforts to control their eco levels and has been internationally recognized for its contribution.


    Keratin is a highlighting part of the product and many women are placing their trust on the product because of this feature. Hair after straightening is observed to come out very well. The frizziness was gone and the hair was completely transformed into straight hair strands, uniformly treated. The ion conditioning feature prevents unnecessary hair loss due to breaking and tangling of hair.

    'Philips Beauty Guide' App: The leading Health and Well-being company has provided an App for guiding women with styling. This Android App has got beauty tips, tricks, some easy manual guides and tutorials, so that you can use the product at the max. You can experiment with your hair everyday by watching a video or tutorial whenever you want. Just download 'Philips Beauty Guide' in your Google Play store, supported on most Android phones.


    Some points to look-over:  

    • The product makes noise. You won't get a noiseless remake with this one.  

    • Straightened hair stays  till the next hair wash or literally a couple of days. This can be a problem for people who want their hair to stay stylised for a longer time and may also turn heads towards damaging for  lot of times in the week.

    • Plates are broad but should have been a bit longer in size to suit Indian hair type (long and thick).

    • Shine does not really come out sometimes. Few customers have complained that the product doesn't leave any shine as such, as portrayed in advertisements.  

    • The Free Carry Pouch was not delivered with the product to many customers.  

    • The product could have been better if it had Temperature Control built-in because overheating of the device may cause hair damage.

    Will a cheaper product give you the same results? -Yes. The features observed after using this product are similar to what many other lesser priced products will give you. The straightened hair lasts for only 2 days or till the last hair wash which is observed after using a cheap product too. However, to make it last, you may have to buy some other hair product such as any  Heat Protection Spray which is costly again. As far as we have analyzed, Philips is making you pay more than what it  deserves.


    Philips has chosen a good way for  marketing this product. It has simply advertised points like Keratin, the ion technology and other similar points to grab the attention of the consumers. Though the product does not have disabilities in working, but it's also true that there are better products in the market with keratin available at better prices.

    Anyways, the product is good to use when you have an occasion. This is also a consort to travelers, who want an instant revamp on the move! It doesn't let your hair get damaged to that extent as it has Keratin which yields shiny, soft hair results. The product will make you happy with its ease of use, as it has a long wire and a good quick-heating capacity. There are no major issues with this product and we a _ out of 10.

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