Bayer Contour Next Meter Glucometer
Accuracy you can trust Industry standards have an acceptable error range of ±15%1 to lab results. Bayer's CONTOUR® NEXT meter gives an even more accurate reading, within ±10%2 to lab results.

Bayer contour next meter

Battery life Approx. 1000 measurements or one year (whichever comes first)
Warranty(Months) 60
Available on Conzumr Since October 2016
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Diabetes is identified as the biggest silent killer on Earth today until diagnosed. It is one of the most manageable disease and can be treated systematically to give the diabetic a long and healthy life. If you require blood glucose monitoring for any reason, it is not feasible to go to the pathology lab daily and get it done. Buy the Bayer contour next meter for accurately monitoring your blood glucose.





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Product Features

Bayer contour next meter

  • The reversible screen contrast is suitable for individual needs
  • If more blood needs to be applied, Bayer contour next meter indicates the same and you can reapply blood on the same strip which avoids strip wastage and extra pricking
  • The tracking system highlights pre, post meal sugars and fasting glucose level as well
  • You can view the test results from 7 days to 90 days which help with diabetes management
  • The log book holds up to 800 results
  • The MULTIPULSE technology evaluates the sample multiple times to give exceptionally accurate results
  • The inbuilt system alarm reminds user to test blood sugar levels which ensures you never miss out on a test

Contour NEXT test strips

  • The no coding technology saves time and eliminates mistakes
  • The contour NEXT test strip used in Bayer contour next meter is unaffected by most of the common interfering substances
  • Blood size required is 0.6 microliters
  • Gives the test result in 5 seconds
  • Measurement range is 0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L
  • Can store 800 test results in its memory
  • Bayer contour next meter gives averages for 7.14.30 and 90 days
  • Two 3 volt lithium batteries are used to power this blood sugar monitoring device
  • Bayer contour next meter operates efficiently between 5 deg to 45 deg C temperature and relative humidity from 10 – 93%

What is a glucose meter

A glucose meter or a glucometer is one of the best diabetic management device that is used to monitor blood sugar. The concentration of glucose in the blood is measured by pricking the finger and taking a drop of blood on the strip. It is then inserted into the slot in the glucometer and the reading is checked. Bayer contour next meter is an accurate and easy to use blood glucose monitoring system that uses the test strip technology.

Why you need Bayer contour next meter

The Bayer contour next meter is a simple device to monitor your blood sugar. If you are looking for a simple way to monitor your glucose levels, if you want an easy to use monitor that is remarkably accurate then you must buy Bayer contour next meter to test and monitor your blood sugar levels.

How to use Bayer contour next meter

Using Bayer contour next meter to check your blood glucose levels is a simple affair.

  • The CONTOUR NEXT strip has a grey end which has to be inserted into the meter
  • Lightly touch the blood droplets with the test strip till the meter beeps
  • After a 5 seconds countdown, the meter will display the test result
  • Remove the test strip and simply turn off the Bayer contour next meter

Dimensions of Bayer contour next meter

Dimensions are 80 X 50 X13 mm and weighs just 45 g

Price and Warranty

  • The price of Bayer contour next meter is USD ---. Check the various online shopping portals to grab the best deal.
  • Bayer contour next meter comes with a 5 year warranty, the battery life is approximately 1000 tests or lasts for one year of average usage.


On a scale of 10, Bayer contour next meter is rated at -7

  • Contour next meter is easy to use
  • It tells you when to apply more blood if the first sample was not enough
  • Bayer contour next meter uses a no coding technology
  • You can get your blood sugar result in 5 seconds with a small amount of blood
  • The MULTIPULSE accuracy technology used in Bayer contour next meter gives accurate glucose measurements
  • Easy to carry
  • Works perfectly under wide temperature ranges and humidity levels
  • Bayer contour next meter meets the 2013 ISO standards for blood glucose meter accuracy
  • The test strips are easily available
  • Bayer contour next meter does not allow alternate site testing
  • Requires blood to be taken from finger tips only


Bayer healthcare is the leaders in diabetes management in the world today. The innovative glucose monitoring system, Bayer contour next meter is a simple and complete hand held device to help you monitor your blood sugar and keep you healthy. Choose Bayer contour next meter and get started with easy blood glucose monitoring.

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