Accu-Chek Accu-Chek Go System Glucometer
Accu-Chek Go Glucometer Looking for a no-fuss way to test your blood glucose levels? The Accu-Chek Go offers plenty of features for those on the go, including: Fast – test results in just 5 seconds Accurate1 testing with only a small 1.5µL blood sample Test strip ejection function for hygienic handling

Accu-Chek Accu-Chek Go System Glucometer

Display LCD
Battery life Approximately 1000 readings or 1 year (based on 3 daily readings)
Available on Conzumr Since April 2017

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Diabetes, a disease mostly seen today. It has become more often to be seen because of the change in our lifestyles. The Glucose Meters are a good invention which can be used both to monitor and control your blood glucose levels. Many worry about its accuracy, but science has made advancements in such a speed that we do not know about its 'perfectionist' features. Accu-Chek is a global brand which offers range of medical products and appliances. Its array of Gluco-Meters has been verified and trusted by expert laboratories. Let's read further.

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Product Features

The Accu-Chek Accu-Chek Go System Glucometer is a godsend for Diabetics. Now you can check your details without the strip! There is absolutely no need of the strip as it is a Mobile Meter System. There is no exposed lancet which gives you clean and hygenic test. There are 6 lancets in a drum and can perform 50 tests on a continuous tape. These lancets are easy to change too and will cause no fuss. 

How it works: The device takes up 0.3µL  sample size. The body of the device shows a 96 segments LCD display which has symbols to indicate results. You have to wait no more than 5 seconds! The glucometer measures and delivers results within no time. The strip obviously shows results, but the display confirms it. As the strip comes near to its expiry, the device will give you a strip expiry warning alert.  You can download the data of patients on Excel or the Accu-Chek Software. This is revolutionarily on-the-go. 

7, 14, 30 and 90 day test averages give you evaluation of your blood glucose control. Very handy and portable.

No Strips Needed: You dont even need the strips which is a great news. All other devices in the market have previously made use of the strips. But this device contans a roll, which at the expiry will alert you to get it changed. You can perform without stoping until you have covered 500 patients.


This is definitely Faster  than lab tests. People have bought this for its accurate results! As we reviewed many people via questionnaires and tests, we found out the value of Accu-Chek and the brand trust which it has developed. 


Accu-Chek Go System Glucometer is a trusted device. It is used by professionals to determine the results faster than laboratory tests. Medical sciences have made clear advancements by making use of technology, make sure you don't lag behind.

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