Water Heater or Geyser buying made easy

Be it the cold winter season, when the mere thought of putting your fingers under the tap makes you cringe, or the summer season, when you like to take the chill out of a cold shower, warm water is always welcome at home. For this reason a water heater or a geyser is an essential in most homes these days. You may have moved into a new house, or may be looking to replace your old geyser, but if you’re on the lookout for a brand new water heater.....

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Technical Details

Type of Geyser

Hot water immediately comes when you switch on the heater. Comparatively less water heating cost as the water is used fast.

Storage/ Tank

Requires few minutes to heat the water. Best suited for bucket bath and shower.


Power/ Wattage of water heater is an important aspect of the water as wattage makes the water heat faster or slower. A 4kW heater will heat water quickly than 3kW water heater increasing the electricity load.

General Details

Anti-siphon protection

This prevents the backflow of water from the tank and protects the heating element from dry heating damage.

Eco Function

A self-learning function that optimizes temperature by understanding usage which in turn helps in saving energy

Tank Features

Tank Insulation Material
Glass Lined Incoloy

These are nothing but Incoloy heating elements coated with Glass. Glass coating substantially reduces the scale formation on the heating element, thereby ensuring highly efficient and long lasting heating element.


PUF insulation material is used to reduce heat loss and power consumption. This is helpful when you want to keep warm water in the tank for long time.

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