Bajaj FX 10 Food Factory Food Processor
1.5L Capacity unbreakable polycarbonate liquidising jar with stainless steel blade, Stainless steel grinding and chutney jar

Review of Bajaj FX 10

No. of Jars 3
Processing Bowl Capacity 2 L
No. of Speed Control 3
Warranty(Months) 24
Warranty Terms 2 year warranty on product
Available on Conzumr Since May 2016

A food processor, the multifunctional food preparation device, is one of the most commonly found appliances in home and professional kitchens alike. Up to 15 completely different functions can be performed on these devices such as tasks like chopping, pureeing, grinding, kneading dough, shredding food items, and many more can be done easily without tiring oneself out. One of the best things about food processors is that they are capable of cutting almost every food item down. The food processor we are reviewing today is the Bajaj 10X Food Processor.

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Product Features

The Bajaj FX 10 food processor, an electric food processor, with its multiple functions and accessories can really make the user’s cooking experience easier than ever before. This food processor can be used for an extensive range of functions like cutting, chopping, kneading, shredding, crushing, slicing, mincing, liquidizing, dry and wet grinding, and pureeing with simple ease.

One of the first things to look out for while buying a food processor is its’ capacity and the tools (jars and other appliances) it comes with, to assist in cooking. The Bajaj FX10 comes with 3 jars to facilitate its’ multi-functionality.  It comes with a liquidizing jar along with a 2 L processing bowl made of polycarbonate (it is a transparent jar). The polycarbonate plastic is extremely durable and mostly unbreakable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. For home users, a 2 L bowl capacity is ideal for most uses as it can handle almost every job in the kitchen. Apart from the liquidizing jar, there are other jars also which are supplied with this food processor. The liquidizing jar has a 1.5 L capacity. It also comes with a stainless steel grinding and chutney jar. The chutney jar (smallest jar) can be used to make chutneys for snacks and for other similar purposes. The Grinding jar can be ideally used for grating coconut, making spice powders, batters, etc. The grinder has a rating of 30 minutes, meaning it can continue to run for 30 minutes continuously. The jars are fixed to the machine with double safety locking system keeping them intact and preventing from falling off when the device is in use.

Baja 10 X food processor comes with a range of multi – purpose attachments. It comes with a Centrifugul juicer and a separate Citrus juicer, giving the user lot of options and the flexibility to use the desired fruits or vegetables which is not possible if one were using a juicer only. The Centrifugul juicer has its limitations, however, some of which are eliminated due to the presence of a citrus juicer. We will look into its disadvantages shortly.

Let’s talk about the blades of Bajaj 10 X. It comes with 5 detachable blades: dry and wet grinding blade, chutney blade, whipping blade and mincing / grating blade. The Chopping and Slicing blades are made of stainless steel and the device also comes with detachable shredding blade. For the lovers of French Fries, there is a separate French fries blade meant for this purpose. The blades are extremely sharp and remain good even after regular use, allowing the food processor to operate in an effortless manner. Chopping and Slicing vegetables like onions, carrots, cucumber, leafy vegetables and many more is easily performed. Mincing meats is also fairly easy. The appliance also comes with a Spatula. It comes with 5 discs: chipper, shredder, chopper, slicer, and mincer / grater disc.

This food processor has a motor speed of 18, 000 rpm and requires a power of 230 Volts or 50 Hz. The power consumption of the device is 600 W, which helps in saving energy. For the capacity of this processor, this power consumption is ideal, as it will ensure that all functions are performed without any hindrance. Whereas most food processor with one or two speed settings, the Baja 10 X comes with three speed settings; the control panel being is located right in the front, thereby making operating this device easy.

There are quite a few other features in this appliance which make it a lucrative buy. The anti – skid or vacuum suction feet ensures that even at its maximum speed, the device does not topple over. It can be conveniently placed on the kitchen countertop. The interlocking system ensures protection against any freak accidents. This appliance also comes with a rust proof body, which is extremely durable and easy to maintain. The overload protection feature prevents the appliance from a thermal overload and ensures safety of the heavy duty motor. It also comes with a child safety lock.


The Bajaj FX10 food processor has a white colored finish and comes with stainless steel and polycarbonate containers. Both these materials ensure that the appliance is easy to use, maintain and is highly durable. The appliance is of a standard size and weighs 8 kg. The ergonomic knobs and rotary switch make it easy to use. The overall contemporary make gives it a very stylish look and makes it an aesthetic accessory to have in your kitchen. The Cord winder makes it easy to plug in and store as needed.


The Bajaj 10 X food processor rates high on performance. With so many functions available, it really eases up the process of cooking and is can be operated conveniently. The speed controls work well.

Specifically, the Chutney comes out very fine and the dry masala is grinded very well. The wheat or atta kneading is effortless. Cutting vegetables finely and slicing potatoes for fries is done well. Ghee can be made from butter. The product also works great for extracting juice from various fruits, doesn’t take much effort and the juice is of fine quality with barely any leftovers of fruits.

Cleaning the many parts and attachments can be a time taking process. The appliance also makes a certain amount of noise which may not be appreciated by all users. The blades only have two prongs as compared to some other brands which have around 4. For blending things with ice or making a smoothie, the tall jar is not the best option as the machine does not crush ice well. It can however, be used to make cold coffee.

Service & Support

Bajaj is a trusted company in India and has dealers as well as service personnel across the length and breadth of the company. However on lots of online portals most Bajaj users complain of poor servicing and inept customer care executives. Service quality can really differ from city to city, so check out the service availability in your city before making the purchase, as in the case of any difficulty with the product you will have to connect with the customer care.



The Bajaj 10 X has loads of advantages (some already listed above). It does pretty much everything one wants it to, right from grinding (wet and dry), mincing, pureeing, slicing, chopping, grating, making juices, kneading dough to even whipping up shakes. It can be conveniently used for big as well as small quantities. The small chutney jar can be used for grinding small quantities. For chopping onions and cabbage, users can control the level of coarseness / fineness by controlling the speed and time the appliance is kept on.

The power consumption of 600 watts ensures energy savings and reduced electricity bills.


Although, it is majorly easy to use this appliance, there is a catch to it. There are two separate shafts (places for fitting in the jars) – one for the grinding jars and one for the juicer / chopper attachment. The user always needs to lock in one shaft while using the other, through an elaborate locking mechanism. And while using one shaft, the other also rotates which is a needless waste of motor power.

The grinding jars do not have transparent covers, so one needs to check on the contents in the steel jars by opening the lids again and again. Although, the main body of the appliance is pretty compact and can sit comfortably on the kitchen counter, with all its various attachments, quite a lot of storage space is used in the kitchen otherwise.

The Centrifugul Juicer which is present in the Bajaj 10 X has its own disadvantages. Apart from the fact that leafy vegetables cannot be successfully used in this appliance for the purpose of juice making; there is also the drawback that centrifugal juicers produce almost half of the juice that one would get from a Cold Press Juicer or from manually produced juice. Secondly, due to the functionality and make of Centrifugul Juicers, excess pulp gets separated from the juice which leads to reduced nutrients and enzymes in the final juice produced.

It also makes very loud noise when in use.


With all the various functions that Bajaj 10 X can perform, namely wet, dry and chutney grinding, whipping, blending, mincing, grating, juicing, pureeing, slicing, chopping, kneading, chipping and shredding; the buyer can rest assured that all kitchen hassles have truly been overcome. These multi functions make this processor a good buy. Keeping all the performance and other features in mind, a rating of 8 / 10 is good.

Overall Rating