Havells Drip Cafe 12 Coffee Maker
Anti drip valve, Swing filter holder, Water level indicator

Review of Havells Drip Cafe 12


Black as night. Sweet as sin. That's how I like my coffee! This magical bean with its rich aroma is an elixir for the coffee lovers the world over. But making that perfect cuppa is not everybody's cup of tea, I mean coffee. It requires a lot of skill and experience to perfectly roast, grind and brew the coffee beans to make a cup of coffee that's perfect in every way. Thankfully, we have appliances that make our life simpler and easier and Drip Coffee Machines are one of them.

I came across Havells Drip Cafe. It's a must have for coffee lovers. Let me share the reasons why I say so.

Havells Drip Cafe is a sleek and attractive machine and is also compact and tidy which can be placed either on the kitchen slab or cabinet. It has a plastic and stylish stainless steel finish with a glass carafe which is pretty appealing.

Brewing fresh coffee is simple and quick with Havells Drip Cafe. After adding the water in the water tank, all you have to do is open the front face and add the ground coffee in the funnel like part and switch the machine on.

Within 2-3 minutes, the coffee liquor drips down little by little and is collected at the carafe placed below the funnel.

The anti drip valve allows the carafe to be removed temporarily from the appliance at any time during the brewing cycle allowing you to pour a cup of hot coffee. There's a water level indicator which has markings mentioned for up to 12-15 cups measure. Removable filter basket allows for easy cleaning. The auto keep warm function with the non-stick warming plate helps to use the leftover coffee liquor warm for later use.

With a power of 1000 watts and operating voltage of 220-240 volts, Havells Drip Cafe is an efficient machine. It comes with a 2 years warranty. The overheat protection feature helps prevent damage and minimise risks if the heater were to overheat and this makes it a safe kitchen appliance. 

Since it is a coffee brewing machine, milk cannot be added in the machine. In case you need milk in your coffee, you will need to add hot milk to the brewed black coffee.

Havells Drip Cafe can also be used to make tea with tea bags. For this you have to place the tea bag in the filter and rest of the process is same as making coffee. 

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Buy it to enjoy freshly brewed coffee every time and any time you need your cup of freshness and energy.

Below are some of the images I took while for brewing fresh coffee:

Havells Drip Cafe Step 1
Havells Drip Cafe Step 2
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