Technical Details

Dump Box Capacity

It is used to dispose of the left over coffee into an internal dump box.



The Pannarello is a device that attaches to the steam arm of the machine and aids in simplifying the frothing process.

Brita Filter compatible

the water quality may vary region by region due to some reasons which can cause scale formation in the machine that in turn reduces the efficiency of the machine.So, to reduce this effect Brita filter is used.

Cleaning and maintenance
Descaling cycle

Descaling helps to ensure a long life and proper functioning of the machine and its components.

Simultaneous brewing

This feature enables you to make one or more shots of espresso at a time.

Filter Usage

Disposable paper filters are economical to use but the main drawback to using paper is finding a right size.


Coffeemakers often come with a permanent filter, but if your coffee machine does not have this accessory, you can use paper or a permanent filter.


Tea and Coffee

Dual function for coffee and tea as well.

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