Sunflame Innova (90cms) Auto Clean Chimney & Hood
Easy to operate and clean,Feather Touch Control and Oil Collector LED Lamps.

Review of Sunflame Innova (90 cm) Chimney & Hood

Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy

Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy: They are the most common hoods. They are fixed onto the wall and the hood or canopy hangs above the stove to catch fumes. It comes in various styles and designs.


There are two types of outlets

  • Ducted: In this type of outlet the fumes or heat catched by the chimney are thrown out of the kitchen.
  • Ductless In ductless outlets the fumes or smoke absorbed by the chimney is filtered and recycled back in the room.
  • 1100 m3/h

    Air Suction Capacity is the motor’s capacity to absorb the odor and oily vapor and is measured as m3 per hour. A higher suction capacity is needed where a lot of frying is involved. Homes associated with normal frying requires upto 400 cubic meter per hour capacity's chimney.

    90 cm

    The hood or canopy size depends on the size of the kitchen. Normally a 2 to 4 burner stove/ hob requires a 2 ft chimney whereas a 3 to 5 burner require a 3 ft one. But to absorb maximum fumes or smoke, a chimney should cover the entire gas stove otherwise the heat, smoke or fumes will move out of the canopy area and cannot solve the desired purpose of a chimney.

    Body Material Stainless Steel & Glass
    Series # Innova
    Available on Conzumr Since April 2017

    If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Chimney & Hood, please read our Conzumr Guide


    A kitchen chimney is basically an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from the kitchen and makes the kitchen clean and oil / smoke free. In most Indian kitchens, among other things, cooking with oil or ghee is a common feature, paratha making is a daily activity and making these round ghee soaked breads gives rise to a lot of smoke. Therefore, kitchen chimneys are a must for every Indian Kitchen, and they are definitely more effective in keeping the kitchen air clean & breathable as compared to normal exhaust fans. The chimney that we are reviewing today is the Innova Designer Chimney by Sunflame. Why is it called designer? Well, because it lends a touch of contemporary design to your kitchen, elevating the overall décor.  

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    The Innova chimney comes in two variants, 90 cm & 60 cm. The variant we are reviewing today is the 90 cm one which is not very different from the 60 cm one, apart from its size. This chimney comes with both the auto clean mode and without the auto clean mode. This is an electric chimney and therefore comes with a high suction capacity (1100 m3/hour).

    There are few key considerations when buying a chimney. The prime consideration is about the space available; the chimney size will depend on your kitchen size & the size of your gas stove as well. The good thing about Sunflame Innova is that it comes in two size variants, with the same features. Next consideration is where you are going to install the chimney- in a corner, in the centre of the kitchen, against a wall or as part of the kitchen cabinets. Innova chimney is a wall mounted chimney, that is, it is fitted against the wall and cook top, with the hood hanging above the stove. Wall mounted chimneys are the most common & come in a variety of sizes & designs.

    There are two types of chimneys – vented or ducting & ductless. Innova chimney is a ducting model, meaning it ducts out the smoke & fumes from the house using PVC pipes and thereby leaves the kitchen air, fresh. A ducting chimney such as the Innova is a better option for home kitchens, as heat & humidity from the kitchen can be easily ducted out and unlike ductless chimneys, the filters need not be replaced every now & then. Innova chimney comes with an oil collector filter, popularly called the baffle filter. These filter technologies uses the cut and chop technology to separate oil molecules & spices from smoke, does not require as much maintenance as the charcoal filters found in ductless filters, is easy to clean and most importantly does not affect the chimney suction power by even one percent.

    The chimney suction power is one of the most important features of a kitchen chimney. It is the capacity of the chimney motor to suck the oil, smoke and grease that results from cooking – essentially the reason why chimneys are bought in the first place. Depending on the kitchen size and the kind of cooking engaged in frequently, the suction power is decided upon, which further determines the chimney one buys. Innova chimney comes with an 1100 cubic meter per hour suction capacity which is at par with the other chimneys in this category and serves as an ideal choice for Indian Kitchens.

    Two key features of Sunflame Innova are father touch control and auto clean features. The feather touch control panel makes it really easy to operate the chimney, and the control buttons are sensitive enough to detect finger touch. Being an auto clean chimney implies that one needs to just switch the chimney ON and it cleans itself, after which is switches off. The Auto shut on/off feature allows automatic absorption of cooking smoke when one cooks.

    This chimney comes with a 6*6 pipe that is connected to the chimney and which throws the air out of the house.


    As the name goes, Sunflame Designer Chimney – Innova, this sleek chimney adds to the look of any kitchen. Made of stainless steel and glass, this chimney is a durable product that can last a long time. The reviewer has been using this chimney for almost 2 years, and there is no sign of any corrosion or rust, as stainless steel can withstand prolonged exposure to grease, water & heat. The usage of stainless steel & glass also eases up the process of cleaning the appliance. The appliance comes in a slate grey color.

    The feather touch control panel on the Innova chimney has six touch buttons, three on each side of the small rectangular display in the centre of the chimney. The touch panel also has a digital clock display. On the left side of the touch panel, there are three buttons allowing the user to control the motor fan speed. On the right side, are buttons for switching on the LED lamps (Innova chimney comes with two inbuilt LED lamps, placed in the inner front sides), a Delay button and an On/Off button. The LED lamps serve the function of assisting in cooking by providing direct overhead light.


    While making parathas or items that emit a lot of smoke, the chimney is very efficient in sucking out the smoke from the cooking. Most often, the presence of smoke is negligible. Since, the chimney also ducts out odor, it’s a boon while cooking onions and the like. The auto clean feature works well too. The food smell, however strong or mild, is reduced to the minimum while cooking with the chimney on.Since this chimney is really easy to operate due to its various features, having it in the kitchen is a delight.

    The chimney make also promotes easy cleaning. Although, one can install the appliance on their own, its’ best to get an authorized service personnel do so. The product comes with a 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor by the manufacturers, which is a good deal. Sunflame is a pioneer in chimney manufacturing and they have service centers in almost all major cities and states, a list of which is provided online. The reviewer has had positive personal experience with the servicing on more than one occasion. 


    Two key features missing from the chimney are a lack of remote control and absence of gas sensors. The lack of a remote control frankly does not make much of a difference, since the user is standing right below the chimney to cook, stretching the hand up and pressing a touch button is not much of a task. The absence of a gas sensor is something that is missed, however. Counterparts of this chimney in other brands do come with a gas sensor. A gas or LPG sensor is a wonderful safety feature, which enables the chimney to sense a gas leakage and switches on automatically, thus throwing the gas out of the kitchen and preventing any chance of fire due to gas accumulation.

    A gap of 2.5 to 3 feet between the gas stove and chimney is required while placing the appliance. Although not a drawback essentially, this chimney therefore, is meant for medium and or large sized kitchens. Finally, the noise generated when the chimney is operating is slightly high. You get the feel of a motor fan operating and it becomes difficult to hear doorbells or low volume mobile ringtones, when in the kitchen with the chimney on. 


    With a few cons, but a host of pros, the Sunflame Innova Chimney is a good buy. A rating of 9/10, keeping all features and performance is suitable. 

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