Faber Mars Plus LTW 60 Chimney & Hood
Life Time Warranty, Electronic Controls, Baffle Filters

Review of Faber Mars Plus LTW 60

Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy

Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy: They are the most common hoods. They are fixed onto the wall and the hood or canopy hangs above the stove to catch fumes. It comes in various styles and designs.

1000 m3/h

Air Suction Capacity is the motor’s capacity to absorb the odor and oily vapor and is measured as m3 per hour. A higher suction capacity is needed where a lot of frying is involved. Homes associated with normal frying requires upto 400 cubic meter per hour capacity's chimney.

60 cm

The hood or canopy size depends on the size of the kitchen. Normally a 2 to 4 burner stove/ hob requires a 2 ft chimney whereas a 3 to 5 burner require a 3 ft one. But to absorb maximum fumes or smoke, a chimney should cover the entire gas stove otherwise the heat, smoke or fumes will move out of the canopy area and cannot solve the desired purpose of a chimney.

Body Material Stainless Steel
Series # Decorative
Warranty(Months) LifeTime
Available on Conzumr Since March 2018

If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Chimney & Hood, please read our Conzumr Guide


For years, the good old exhaust fan at one top corner of the kitchen kept the smoke and kitchen odours at bay. It was ok but not very effective as remnants of grease and grime were seen on the walls around it. When we renovated our kitchen, an electric chimney along with modular cabinets made their entry in our cooking zone.

We chose Faber HeatKraft Mars Plus LTW 60. And here are the reasons why....

It's a wall mounting stainless steel-decorative smart feature chimney.

Faber HeatKraft Mars Plus LTW 60 has a high suction capacity (1000 m3/hr), which allows it to such smoke and odour especially during deep frying. this high suction  is ideal for Indian homes, as our cooking involves a lot of frying.

This chimney has Baffle filters which is better than chimneys with aluminium mesh filters. Baffle filters use the cut-and-chop technology, to separate oil molecules and spices from smoke. This type of filter is again highly recommended for we cook foods with lots of oil (too  much of it is unhealthy though!) Unlike mesh filters the oil stored in Baffle filters does not affect the suction power of the chimney. And the best part of it is that cleaning baffle filter is pretty easy.

The two 5W CFLs light the area below giving a clear look of the food that's cooked. It comes with a three speed function which can be used as per the cooking need. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall Rating


Faber HeatKraft Mars Plus LTW 60 has a good performance record as it eliminates steam, smells pretty efficiently and that's when food is cooked on all the three burners of the gas stove. The steam from the cooker or any open vessel is removed quickly which speaks high of its suction capacity. And the same goes for the kitchen odours too.

At speed function 3 it is a bit noisy for my comfort, though at lower speed it is nearly noiseless.

This stainless steel body is tough and elegant. A light scrub with warm soapy water cleans the filters easily.


Faber HeatKraft Mars Plus LTW 60 is a great way to not only keep the kitchen free from steam, smoke and odours but also adds a dash of elegance to the kitchen. Because of its superior suction capacity, the sticky grime, soot or dirt does not settle on the walls or the things that are out in the kitchen. Faber HeatKraft Mars Plus LTW 60 is a great appliance to have in your kitchen.

Overall Rating