The kitchen chimney or hood is an essential kitchen appliance that absorbs and removes the fumes by either throwing it out or recycling it. It is known by different names in different countries for eg:

  • India - Chimney, Hood
  • UK - Extractor Hood
  • US and Australia - Range Hood
  • Other popular names are: Cooking canopy, Kitchen stove, Extractor fan, Cooker hood, Ventilation hood and Fume extractor.

    All you need to know before buying a Chimney and Kitchen Hood

    Indian cooking involves lot of frying, grilling using lot of oil and masalas. The sound of spluttering tadka though gives a lovely aroma and taste but it also leaves its impression on your kitchen tiles and ceiling. Over a period of time grime collects on the cabinets and over-the-counter appliances. More than cooking, it’s cleaning the kitchen that is cumbersome and discourages many from cooking that sumptuous meal....

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    AC - Auto Clean
    BIANCO - White Glass
    BF - Baffle Filter
    BL/BK - Black Colour
    BT - Big Triple
    CI - Cast Iron (for pan support)
    CF - Cassette Filter
    CT - Cooktop
    DX - Deluxe
    EDS - Elica Deep Silence (Very Less Noise)
    ELC - Electronic Control
    FT - Feather Touch (for controls)
    IS - Island
    LTW - Life Time Warranty
    PB - Push Button
    SL - Straight Line
    SP - Spill Proof
    SS - Stainless Steel
    TC3V - Touch Control with 3 volt Bulb
    TC4V - Touch Control with 4 volt Bulb
    TC/TS - Touch Control/Screen
    TRANS - Clear Glass
    Trim Chimney - The glass does not extend beyond the surface of the canopy. The glass over the canopy is of the same size as that of the canopy.



    This is a type of chimney with an additional functionality like external unit for Air Conditioner etc.

    Integrated (Built-in)

    They remain concealed behind or under the cabinets and blend with the tapestry of the kitchen.


    They are fixed on the ceiling and seem like hanging from nowhere. They are for the counter-top cooking ranges and gas stoves. It is an ideal choice for hobs with western styled counters.

    Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy

    They are the most common hoods. They are fixed onto the wall and the hood or canopy hangs above the stove to catch fumes. It comes in various styles and designs.

    Wall Mounted - Straight Line

    This is another common type of chimney which has a flat top with a pipe to remove the fumes. They are fixed on a wall.

    Outlet Type

    There are two types of outlets

  • Ducted: In this type of outlet the fumes or heat catched by the chimney are thrown out of the kitchen.
  • Ductless In ductless outlets the fumes or smoke absorbed by the chimney is filtered and recycled back in the room.
  • Auto Clean

    Cleaning a chimney might be tedious or time consuming task. Nowadays, every modern chimney has a essential feature of auto cleaning without human intervention.The centrifugal force draws the fumes towards the blower so the oil particles gets liquidized and gets collected in a washable oil collector that can be removed and washed once in a month or so depending on the usage.This feature prevents the accumulation of oil, smoke, or grease particles that affects the suction power of kitchen chimney which in turn decreases kitchen chimney performance.


    The hood or canopy size depends on the size of the kitchen. Normally a 2 to 4 burner stove/ hob requires a 2 ft chimney whereas a 3 to 5 burner require a 3 ft one. But to absorb maximum fumes or smoke, a chimney should cover the entire gas stove otherwise the heat, smoke or fumes will move out of the canopy area and cannot solve the desired purpose of a chimney.


    There are 3 types of controls

  • PB - Push Button
  • ELC- Electronic Control
  • TC - Touch Control

  • Air Suction Features

    Air Suction Capacity

    Air Suction Capacity is the motor’s capacity to absorb the odor and oily vapor and is measured as m3 per hour. A higher suction capacity is needed where a lot of frying is involved. Homes associated with normal frying requires upto 400 cubic meter per hour capacity's chimney.

    Clean Air Function

    Using this function the chimney will automatically turn on at low speed for 10 minutes to clean the air


    A damper is a valve or plate that stops or regulates the air flow inside a duct, chimney or other air-handling equipment.


    Booster Speed

    This is a desirable feature where the chimney operates at a very high speed so that the excess smoke is removed. It comes handy during excessive frying etc.


    • Charcoal or Carbon Filter: These filters are mainly used in re-cycling type of chimneys. They filter out the smoke and absorbs bad odour before it gets recycled back into the room.
    • Mesh/ Cassette Filter: There are various layers of mesh that helps in throwing out the smoke and oil particles. Cassette filter is lightweight hence detaching this filter from chimney is very easy.

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