Siemens HB23AB523 Built-in Oven
60 cm high premium built-in oven with TFT colour display and cookControl 68 automatic roasting system for perfect results.

Siemens HB23AB523

Size 120 cm
Capacity 67 L
Available on Conzumr Since June 2015
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Siemens ₹ 64000
Refreshed 2 years ago

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Oven is the only appliance that bakes to perfection. Be it the cake or the bread or the pizza or any foodstuff that requires baking. Microwaves are the most convenient appliances for the kitchen as they have all the applications inbuilt. Siemens has introduced the HB23AB523 oven which is the right oven for perfect baking.



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Features of HB23AB523 oven interiors

Noise :The noise in the cavity is as low as 50 dB

Lights :There is one light in the interior cavity in HB23AB523 oven

Turn spit :There is no motorized turn spit in the cavity

Cavity size :The dimension of the cavity in HB23AB523 oven is 32.9 X 47.9 X 42 cm with the depth of 1,015 mm with the door open

The grill area is 1230 sq cm with a drop down grill element.

The area of baking sheet in HB23AB523 oven is 1350 sq cm.

Capacity :HB23AB523 oven has a capacity of 67 liters which is a good capacity for household purposes

Temperature :The heating temperature and hot air temperature for HB23AB523 oven is 270 degree C.

Accessories included : Enamel baking tray, combination grid and universal pan are included as accessories with HB23AB523 oven.

Features of HB23AB523 oven

  • HB23AB523 is a multi-function oven with five cooking features. The functions are hot air, bottom heat, hot air grilling, conventional heat and full width variable grill
  • Comes with an integral cooling fan
  • The grill element is a drop down grill
  • The back panel is partly self cleaning called ecoclean
  • The electronic clock time is one of the features of the panel in HB23AB523 oven
  • The door is made of stainless steel with triple glass so the maximum door temperature is 40 degree C Enamel interior
  • Safety function in HB23AB523 oven is a child proof lock

Advantages of buying HB23AB523 oven

  • HB23AB523 oven is an inbuilt stand alone oven
  • Nothing bakes better than in an oven
  • Made of stainless steel so makes it durable and easy to clean and maintain
  • A grade for energy saving is good for an oven as it is an efficient energy saver
  • Is very useful if you do a lot of baking only at home

Why not to buy HB23AB523 oven

  • You may have to buy a microwave as a separate appliance
  • There is no setting backup available in HB23AB523 oven so you need to set up the oven every time you use it
  • There is no option to automatic programs as well
  • The control setting is rotary knob
  • HB23AB523 oven too small if you are a big family
  • The noise of 50 dB inside the cavity is quite high and may be irritating too if you are working close to the oven


HB23AB523 oven is a fantastic product from Siemens. The brand name ensures that the product is made from the best quality material and after sales service is ensured. It is a good buy if you are home baker. The size is just right for households. The almost maintenance free oven is easy to clean and HB23AB523 oven is certified to be power efficient too.

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