Kaff KB 7A Built-in Oven
Built in Microwave with convection fan & grill, Capacity 32 litre, Output power 1000w, grill power 1100 Watt


Size 60 cm
Capacity 32 L
Available on Conzumr Since April 2017

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In today’s age, a microwave is as essential for a kitchen, as a gas stove. As opposed to earlier, when this appliance was primarily used for heating already cooked food; today’s microwaves can cook full meals with the press of a button. The microwave we are reviewing today is the Kaff KB7A, a built in microwave. Unlike countertop models, which occupy a fair amount of space on the kitchen counter, built in models save a lot of space as they can be integrated into kitchen cabinets or walls. Built in microwaves can be installed in open spaces between kitchen cabinets and give the kitchen a finished sleek look when installed with matching materials.

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While buying a microwave, two important things to consider are the size & capacity of the appliance. Depending on where in the kitchen a consumer wants to install the microwave, the size of the appliance plays a deciding role while buying the appliance. At 60 cm (600 mm) outer width, the KB7A offers a decent size which is not very bulky and occupies just the right amount of space. A 32 liter internal capacity allows one to place well sized cooking utensils inside the microwave.

The KB7A comes with the convection and grill features. A convection microwave allows the user to engage in baking and similar tasks by simply setting the microwave to the convection mode. Traditionally, for all baking related work an oven used to be a must, but with convection microwaves the need to have a second appliance is eliminated.  This microwave also comes with built in grilling features, allowing food grilling, thereby once again eliminating the need for a different appliance for grilling alone.

The higher the microwave wattage, the faster & more evenly the food will cook. At 1000 watts the KB7A, promises to deliver in the food cooking & heating areas. The grill power consumption stands at 1100 watts. The device also comes with a large LED display thus ensuring ease of following up with the settings like timing, temperature & cooking mode. There is also a clock system. The device comes in-built with up to 10 microwave levels. The inside turntable diameter is 600 mm. The device comes with a thermostat feature, ensuring further protection of food from being burnt or being cooked at the wrong temperature.


The KB7A is made of stainless steel and comes with a glass type mirror. The stainless steel body is anti finger stain, and the glass tray comes with in-built auto lock. It is a built in device, as already explained. Easy to use control buttons on the right hand side of the appliance make it convenient to use. The door pulls out on the left side. Apart from a LED display, it comes with digital controls. The body of the device is metallic grey, giving it a very sleek & stylish look.

The device comes with a 1 year warranty, but no winners here as this warranty is similar to what most other microwaves in the market have to offer. The performance of the device is satisfactory. However, servicing might be a concern especially in smaller towns, as the brand is not very well known in some markets of the nation, due to its low marketing & availability.





A major limitation of this microwave is the lack of auto-cook menus. For the price at which the device is being offered, most other microwaves come with several auto cook options, and therefore, the lack of this feature could be a setback for KB7A. Also, given the frequent voltage fluctuations in most cities of our nation, one has to be careful. The reviewer experienced the heating element getting spoilt, which although fixed by the service providers due to the product being in warranty, is not something to be expected within just 6 months of product use.



A rating of 7/10 should suffice for this microwave

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