Kenstar Oxy Fryer Air Fryer and Tandoor
Aster Large Food Basket, A timer with auto-power cut function, Hidden Handle.

Decent alternative to cook healthy no-oil food!

Basket Capacity 3 L
Automatic shut-off Yes
Warranty(Months) 24
Warranty Terms Two year warranty
Available on Conzumr Since September 2017

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The Kenstar Oxy fryer air fryer is one such appliance that has been heavily marketed. It cooks food reasonably well, is significantly cheaper than the competition, has higher capacity than most of its peers and is quite light for an appliance of its size. On the con side, the build quality was not very impressive and pushing the fryer tray in and out of the appliance body is not very smooth. Our verdict is to buy it if price and capacity are your top criteria and you are not too concerned about build quality.
Overall Rating
General Specification

The Oxy fryer air fryer has a timer that allows you to set the cook time. The maximum time that can be set is 30 minutes. Some other fryers in the market have a max time setting of 60 minutes which can be handy in some situations. The Oxy fryer weighs a light 4.9 Kgs and is quite portable if you ever need to carry it around.


Safety Features

The body of the Oxy fryer is made of plastic with more emphasis needed on build quality and design. Pushing the tray in and out of the body requires some effort that could lead to accidents and result in hot food spilling out if not handled carefully.



Power consumption is 1500 watts and is comparable to most air fryers.



The oxy fryer has got an excellent 3Litre capacity. While not the sleekest airfryer in the market, its lightness makes it quite portable as mentioned earlier.



For all those of us who could use some more free time in our fast paced lives, the various air fryers introduced in the markets recently may just be the appliance that we need. These appliances reduce the time required to fry some of our favourite foods using significantly less oil thus providing a healthy and quick alternative to traditional frying. A Kenstar Oxy fryer air fryer is a decent, cheaper alternative in the market place


Overall Rating