Havells Prolife Air Fryer and Tandoor
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Havells Prolife Air Fryer Review

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Air fryers are fast becoming a sought after cooking appliance. They cook food by circulating super-heated air around the food and attempt to achieve the crisping and browning of the outer food crust while utilizing minimal oil.  They thus allow us to indulge in our guilty pleasure of having fried food while avoiding the harmful health effects of a deep fried meal. With a proliferation of air fryers in the market, it gets difficult to decide which one to choose. Let us introduce you to Havells Prolife air fryer and provide you with the data that you will need to ascertain whether the Prolife fits your needs.

Overall Rating
Product Features

The Havells Prolife is a standard air fryer with a 2 litre basket and a 4 litre pan capacity. The basket is made of aluminum and coated with a high quality non-stick covering. It comes with a mechanical timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes of cooking and shuts of automatically when the desired time set on the appliance is reached. It also has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to manipulate the temperature as needed. The Prolife requires 1230 watts of power. A great safety feature is the “cool touch” handle connecting the basket that does not heat up when the food is cooked and provides a firm grip. This allows you to focus on the food being cooked rather than worrying about the temperature of the handle. A button on the handle allows you to release the basket if required.

Things to watch out for

  1. A 2 litre basket capacity limits the quantity of food that can be cooked in one use. In most cases the air fryer cooks food for atmost 3-4 people.
  2. Cook book accompanying the appliance is not as exhaustive as provided by competitors. Some trial and error is needed to get your favorite recipes right.

Cooking Performance



French Fries

Oil brushed potatoes cooked perfectly.  

Bread roll

Cooked Perfectly – crisp and crunchy outer cover and soft moist stuffing. 

Chicken Nuggets

Cooked well. Brushing of oil is needed for acceptable results.

Chocolate cake

Felt very dry to taste. The outer crust seemed desiccated. Couldn’t get it right.

  1. Havells warranty covers the Prolife air fryer for a 2 year period when most other comparable air fryers in the market have a warranty period of 1 year.
  2. Great build quality, sturdy and well-designed appliance.
  3. Easy handling, cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Uses less energy when compared to convection oven and even a few other competitors.


The Havell’s Prolife is a standard Air fryer with the usual specifications that does the job that it is designed to do i.e air frying, well. While there is not much to distinguish the Havells Prolife from other competitors such as Bajaj AFX7 or Prestige PAF 2.0, we would definitely recommend giving Havells Prolife a strong look for its excellent build quality and finish.

Overall Rating