Bajaj AFX7 Air Fryer and Tandoor
Bajaj Majesty AFX7 2 L Air Fryer

Bajaj AFX7 Air Fryer Review

Basket Capacity 2 L
Automatic shut-off Yes
Basket Release Button Yes
Warranty(Months) 24
Available on Conzumr Since November 2014

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With healthy eating being a top priority among many families, air fryers have become a staple of numerous Indian kitchens in a short period of about 2 years. We have seen air fryers from many appliance companies such as Kenstar, Philips, Havells, Prestige etc launch their own models to capture this fast growing market. Bajaj, a much respected brand that almost everyone in India is familiar with has launched its own air fryer variant the AFX7. This review aims to provide you with all the information you should know before deciding whether the Bajaj AFX7 air fryer is right for you.

Overall Rating
Product Features

Air frying is a process of blasting super-heated air around the food inorder to achieve the browning and crisping effect seen when frying, toasting or roasting food. The Bajaj AFX7 achieves this via its dual fan (DF) and flow director (FD) technology that circulates turbo heated air efficiently around the basket. This ensures evenly cooked food. It has a cooking capacity of 2 litres and consumes 1230 watts of power. It comes with a mechanical timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes of cooking. Air frying temperature can be manipulated by a temperature control function. Bajaj has equipped the AFX7 with a number of safety features that improve convenience and ease of use. The “Fail start” mechanism prevents the appliance from operating till the basket is fitted correctly and the integrated lock ensures the frying basket is locked in position before the appliance can be switched on.

Cooking Performance



 French Fries

 Cooked perfectly after brushing the potatoes lightly  with oil

 Paneer Tikka

 Cooked Perfectly after a couple of attempts. Only a  very limited quantity of paneer could be cooked  properly in 1 batch.  

 Chicken Samosa

 Cooked well but could not replicate the taste of a  deep fried samosa. Brushing of oil is needed for  acceptable results.

 Fried Chicken

 Felt very dry to taste. The outer crust lost moisture.  Couldn’t get it right.


Things to watch out for

  1. Basket capacity of only 2 litres limits the amount of food that can be cooked in 1 round of cooking. The quantity of food cooked in most cases serves 3-4 people.
  2. The non-stick coating on the basket and pan needs to be handled cautiously to prevent peeling of the coating.
  3. Plastic material used for the body detracts from the aesthetics of the appliance.
  4. A little trial and error is needed to get the recipes right.


  1. The Bajaj AFX7 comes with a 2 year warranty when most other comparable air fryers in the market have a warranty period of 1 year.
  2. The safety features such as fail start mechanism, integrated lock and safety cover attest to the thought laid out in the design of the appliance.
  3. Uses less energy when compared to convection oven and even a few other competitors.
  4. Easy to use, clean and maintain. 


The Bajaj AFX7 air fryer is a well-designed appliance that is aimed towards health conscious consumers. A little trial and error and a slight learning curve is needed to get the maximum benefit of the appliance. Though slightly expensive for the food capacity that it can cook, we would recommend the Bajaj AFX7 air fryer for nuclear families or when you need to air fry small quantity of food. 

Overall Rating