An Airfryer is an electric appliance which uses no oil or very minimal oil to fry foods. It accomplishes this by Rapid Air Technology (RAT) wherein hot air is made to circulate very rapidly around the food basket thus heating up the ingredients in it evenly from all sides. The temperature ranges from 21degree C to 200 degree C within 3min. The food fried is crisper from outside and tender from inside. It is a healthy alternative to deep fried food.

Frying without ill effects

If you really enjoy fried foods but sacrificed the taste of it due to obesity or other health issues, Well, Its time to cheer now. You can have those delicious fries to your hearts delight without posing threat to your health. The Air Fryer is the magic appliance that makes this possible. Instead of deep frying with oil it uses hot air that cooks food with little or absolutely no oil. The food cooked in Air Fryer is crisper outside tender inside and tastes the same as deep fried. You can fry, roast, grill and even bake! An Air Fryer is a healthy fast and easy alternative for cooking your delicious Fries and snacks....

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A guide to cooking appliances in India

The online and offline market in India today are replete with a host of cooking technologies. While each of these shiny, new appliances is meant to ease your life, not all might be necessary to your cooking style and requirements.

So here’s a guide to introduce you to the key cooking appliances perched on the shelves of the retail market out there. Taking one type of appliance at a time, we’ll help you figure if it fits into your lifestyle and needs, and the reasons why you may choose not to pick it up after all...

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Air Fryer and Tandoor Video reviews

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