is a website geared towards educating the consumers that are in the market for the dizzying array of products available in the market place. Our aim is to make buying consumer products an easy, rational, fact based and a logical process. We will help consumers research and filter through the sales talk and mind numbing technical data so that they can make informed decisions on what product works best for them in the price point that they are comfortable with. We also allow users to compare and contrast various products from different companies in the same category thus giving them a holistic view of choices available in the market. We thus hope to be a decision enabler that simplifies your shopping experience.

Since we do not sell products on this (or any of our sister) sites we are able to provide unbiased information and neutral recommendations regarding products. We believe that our greatest strength is the trust and faith of our users and the expectations of neutrality that they have of us. This motivates us to collect, clean and present the most accurate product data possible in the most understandable formats possible. We welcome all user feedback, suggestions and criticisms regarding this site.


Is the heart and soul of the online web revolution that is changing the way we used to think, buy and live.

The traditional ways of shopping will be soon obsolete and there is a need for a platform to help consumers in this transition. Hence the need for CONZUMR.COM

Benefit: Consumers

  • Product Buying Guides to understand key product attributes
  • Product specs with tips to simplify technical jargon
  • Unbiased and professional product reviews
  • Product ratings from different review websites
  • Comparison of product from various companies
  • Find cheapest price across several merchants

Benefit: Manufacturers

  • Platform to showcase salient product features and new product offerings
  • Accurate reporting of product specs
  • Feedback and reports regarding consumer choices, user traffic and search patterns
  • Information about competitor pricing

Product Categories


Products categories for all age goups - kids, young adults, power couples and young at heart seniors.



Unbiased prices from all popular e-commerce sites to show all options available.

Support Material


Published text and video reviews and Buyers guides to help consumers understand the technical jargon and product.



Small and big manufacturers across India showcased.

Product Specifications


Products with specifications across brands.

We spend time to list what is relevant in a product and simplify the baffling terms mentioned by manufacturers.

Prices listed


We try to keep our prices as updated as possible to help customer always get the best deal.

Our Journey so far..

  • Destined Meeting

    Two friends, one from US and other returning back from UK, were in process of starting up a software development company in India. They wanted to purchase various appliances for this setup

    Before moving back to set up his home and office he searched for product information , reviews and best deals online.

    But could not find any site which had all these details in an updated, consumer friendly manner.

  • He shared this issue with 2nd friend who had recently faced the same issue while searching for Air Conditioners for his parents back in India

    There was no site which explained -

    what to look for while buying an AC

    what the different technical jargon meant

    what are the must have features of a product.

  • The discussion made an idea click

    They identified a gap in the current offerings in the fast growing eCommerce space in India

    As seasoned software professionals, they decided to use their skill to build something useful

    Portal that can ease the conzumer's online shopping experience

  • February 2014 - Development Started
  • Logo designed

    July 2014

    Signifies perfect balance between shopping preferences and price
  • YouTube Ad Released

    August 2014

  • October 2014 - Beta Released
  • Organic Growth

    Set up initial batch of products and prices

    Followed by a steady increase in the number of visitors.

  • February 2015 - Released
  • First presentation at TieCon Conference held in Nagpur.

    23 October 2015

  • Press Coverage

    26 Occtober 2015

  • Here is a gist of what we are doing

and the fun continues ..

Conzumr's heart and soul



The worker-manager who can assume any role right from fixing printer paper issue to website design technicalities.




The content developer who can skilfully generate and market informative as well as entertaining multimedia content.



The technical Guru, he is all ears if you have anything technical to discuss. Strives for perfection in his code and life.




The Commerce specialist who understands the dynamics of the market and what it takes to succeed.



The analyst who swifts through Googol of data everyday to keep only what is needed.




The quick learner who picks up any new work with at the drop of a hat.



The inquisitive mind who keeps validating the data and everthing else.

...and our support staff, users and You the consumers

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