Audio Video appliances

A comprehensive guide to buying projectors

Projectors are used in classrooms, meeting rooms, gaming and often times as a home theater. A projector projects the image on the screen, giving the feel of being right there in the middle of the action. The image that is projected on the screen....

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Simplify your next TV purchase

From the days of the single Doordarshan T.V. channel to the current day onslaught of innumerable cable channels, televisions have arguably been an Indian household’s favorite appliance. Today numerous television brands are fiercely competing with each other to become the viewing appliance of choice in the Indian consumer’s homes. The availability of plethora of televisions in various screen sizes and mind boggling specifications and display technologies is an indication of how radically times have changed in India over the past 30 years. In this day when T.V technology changes so rapidly that a T.V launched a year or two back seems old fashioned, how does a consumer decide on which television to choose? ...

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