LG LG T7567TEELH Washing Machine & Dryer
Turbo Drum, Jet Spray, Smart Diagnosis System, Waterfall Circulation, Smart Filter, Fuzzy Logic Control
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This unique LG washer dryer machine now comes equipped with Smart Diagnosis System and Fuzzy Logic Control. The drum rotates the airdry system sucks in air, thereby throwing a blast of air on the clothes. It has Jet Spray is a unique washing Technology which removes the detergent stains completely during rinse. The Punch + 3 Pulsatorpropels detergent-rich water vertically into every thread of fabrics.

  • Punch +3 Pulsator
  • Air Dry
  • Memory Backup
  • Castors
  • Health + Filter
  • Special programs Extra Rinse / Tub Clean / Aqua Reserve / Eco wash
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    Washing Capacity (Washer) 6.5 kg
    Washer Dryer Washer and Dryer
    Free Standing

    Freestanding is the most commonly used washing machine. They can be fitted anywhere or left standing on their own at the place you want and attach it to a waste pipe to drain the water.

    Top Loading

    There are two types of loading:

  • Front Loading: It allows you to add the laundry by opening the door which requires slightly more space than the top loading machines. If your laundry room is small in space, this washer can be stacked.The space required to open the door may vary with the door opening angle which is normally 90 to 180 degree.
  • Top Loading: In this type of loading you have to add your laundry from the top. Some top-loading machines still provide you the freedom of adding laundry even after the cycle has started.The door can be detachable or fixed in this type of loading unlike front loading washing machines.
  • Fully Automatic

    There are two types of washing machines

  • Fully Automatic : In this type of washing machine no manual intervention is required because you just need to add the laundry manually and rest of the work is done automatically. Fully automatic machines can either be front loading or top loading.
  • Semi Automatic : This is the most commonly used washing machines in India. As the name shows it's a partially automatic machine.This type of machines are generally top loading because they have two separate tubs for washing and drying. In this type of washing machine you have to add the required amount of water manually. Also the washed clothes from the washer tub to spin tub needs to be added manually.

  • Design
    Washing Capacity (Washer) 6.5 kg
    Washer Dryer Washer and Dryer
    Free Standing
    Top Loading
    Fully Automatic
    Digital Display Yes
    Pulsator Type Punch + 3
    Body Color Middle Free Silver/Deep Brown
    Window(Glass Type) Transparent ( Plastic )
    Delay Start 3 ~ 48 Hr
    Water level Selection 10
    Wash Programs
    Turbodrum Yes
    Jet Spray Yes
    No of Wash Programs 7
    Hot/ Cold Water inlet Yes
    Temp Selection Yes
    Turbo Soak Yes
    Stainless Steel
    Weight and Dimensions
    Depth 540 mm
    Height 890 mm
    Width 540 mm