LG LG FH4U1JBSK4 Washing Machine & Dryer
World's First 6 Motion Direct Drive, More motion, better care, 6 motion dd, true steam, NFC tag on, steam refresh, gentle care, stain care,cotton large, allergy care, dark wash, easy care, mix load, silent wash
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This is World's First 6 Motion Direct Drive LG washer dryer machine that comes equipped with revolutionary 6 motion direct drive technology that replicates motions of handwash to give your clothes the most effective wash in the best gentle manner. This model also comes with a LED Touch Panel. This washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology. The motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley.

  • Direct Drive Technology
  • Touch LED Display
  • Turbo Wash:TurboWash enables not only the regular washing programme to finish in 59 minutes but also create impressive energy savings and maintain washing performance. LG TurboWash reduces energy consumption by up to 15 and water consumption by up to 40. Faster, clean and lower energy bills.
  • TrueSteam technology enables Allergy Care,Steam Refresh, and the new Steam Softener feature. LG’s TrueSteam technology helps to eliminate allergens 99.9 and sterilizes bacterias.
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    Washing Capacity (Washer) 10.5 kg
    Washer Dryer Washer and Dryer
    Free Standing

    Freestanding is the most commonly used washing machine. They can be fitted anywhere or left standing on their own at the place you want and attach it to a waste pipe to drain the water.

    Front Loading

    There are two types of loading:

  • Front Loading: It allows you to add the laundry by opening the door which requires slightly more space than the top loading machines. If your laundry room is small in space, this washer can be stacked.The space required to open the door may vary with the door opening angle which is normally 90 to 180 degree.
  • Top Loading: In this type of loading you have to add your laundry from the top. Some top-loading machines still provide you the freedom of adding laundry even after the cycle has started.The door can be detachable or fixed in this type of loading unlike front loading washing machines.
  • Fully Automatic

    There are two types of washing machines

  • Fully Automatic : In this type of washing machine no manual intervention is required because you just need to add the laundry manually and rest of the work is done automatically. Fully automatic machines can either be front loading or top loading.
  • Semi Automatic : This is the most commonly used washing machines in India. As the name shows it's a partially automatic machine.This type of machines are generally top loading because they have two separate tubs for washing and drying. In this type of washing machine you have to add the required amount of water manually. Also the washed clothes from the washer tub to spin tub needs to be added manually.
  • 1400 rpm

    This is the speed in which the washing machine will spin for drying your clothes during the cycle. The larger the spin speed the more water will be expelled during a cycle. Spin speeds are measures in revolutions per minute (RPM).It is the washing machine's fastest spin speed. Normally the spin speed is 1000 or 1200 rpm and the fastest spin speed can be 1400 to 1800 rpm but a washing machine with a slightly faster spin speed than the normal speed does not make much difference in drying clothes but the time required to remove water from clothes may vary with the spin speeds.

    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms 10 year warranty on compressor
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    Washing Capacity (Washer) 10.5 kg
    Washer Dryer Washer and Dryer
    Free Standing
    Front Loading
    Fully Automatic
    Digital Display Yes
    Body Color Luxury Silver
    Door Color Black
    Remaining Time Display Yes
    Door Rim Yes
    Control System Electronic Touch
    1400 rpm
    Temperature Range Cold - 95 °C
    Wash Programs
    Baby Care Yes
    Cotton Yes
    Duvet Yes
    Refresh Yes
    Sports Wear Yes
    Synthetics Yes
    Time Delay Yes
    Chrome on Door Yes
    Door Opening Angle 150
    Weight and Dimensions
    Depth 850 mm
    Height 610 mm
    Width 600 mm
    Dryer Details
    Drying Programs Mix Load