IFB TL65RDS Washing Machine & Dryer
TL- RDS 6.5 Kg Aqua Triadic Pulsator, Deep Clean, Aqua Spa Therapy, 3D Wash System, Hygiene Plus, Bleach Dispenser, Auto Softener Dispenser, LED Display Screen
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IFB TL65RDS Washing Machine

Washing Capacity (Washer) 6.5 kg
Free Standing

Freestanding is the most commonly used washing machine. They can be fitted anywhere or left standing on their own at the place you want and attach it to a waste pipe to drain the water.

Washer Dryer Washer and Dryer
Fully Automatic

There are two types of washing machines

  • Fully Automatic : In this type of washing machine no manual intervention is required because you just need to add the laundry manually and rest of the work is done automatically. Fully automatic machines can either be front loading or top loading.
  • Semi Automatic : This is the most commonly used washing machines in India. As the name shows it's a partially automatic machine.This type of machines are generally top loading because they have two separate tubs for washing and drying. In this type of washing machine you have to add the required amount of water manually. Also the washed clothes from the washer tub to spin tub needs to be added manually.
  • Top Loading

    There are two types of loading:

  • Front Loading: It allows you to add the laundry by opening the door which requires slightly more space than the top loading machines. If your laundry room is small in space, this washer can be stacked.The space required to open the door may vary with the door opening angle which is normally 90 to 180 degree.
  • Top Loading: In this type of loading you have to add your laundry from the top. Some top-loading machines still provide you the freedom of adding laundry even after the cycle has started.The door can be detachable or fixed in this type of loading unlike front loading washing machines.
  • 720 rpm

    This is the speed in which the washing machine will spin for drying your clothes during the cycle. The larger the spin speed the more water will be expelled during a cycle. Spin speeds are measures in revolutions per minute (RPM).It is the washing machine's fastest spin speed. Normally the spin speed is 1000 or 1200 rpm and the fastest spin speed can be 1400 to 1800 rpm but a washing machine with a slightly faster spin speed than the normal speed does not make much difference in drying clothes but the time required to remove water from clothes may vary with the spin speeds.

    Series # Deep clean
    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
    Available on Conzumr Since September 2017

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    The IFB TL65RDS a fully automatic, top loading , 6.5 kg washing machine with a stainless drum which is priced at below Rs 20,000/- is a great buy if you are planning to purchase a new washing machine or replace your existing one.

    TL65RDS washing machine from IFB is an attractive launch in the washing machine arena with eight wash programs and pulsator method of washing which ensures clean clothes without beating the life out of the clothes.

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    Product Features

    Bleach dispenser

    When you need to bleach your clothes, the special inlet lets you dispense the liquid bleach into the drum. This bleach dispenser in TL65RDS washing machine ensures that the bleach is distributed evenly for optimal bleaching of the clothes.

    Triadic Pulsator

    The pulsator method is used for washing the clothes in the TL65RDS washing machine from IFB. Three features are combined together which gives it the name Triadic pulsator. The soft scrub pads, the swirl jets and the center punch clean the clothes gently. The soft scrub pads scrub off the dirt gently while the swirl jet dislodges the dirt with its powerful jet. The mechanical action of squeezing the dirt out of the clothes is generated by the center punch. The combination of these three features gives the clothes a perfect wash.

    Deep clean

    The clothes are washed with great care in IFBs TL65RDS washing machine. The washing machine is tough on stains while gentle on clothes due to the triadic pulsator technology that is used in the new range of top loading washing machine from IFB.

    Aqua Spa Therapy

    Pamper your clothes with this aqua spa therapy. The water surrounds the clothes which removes the most stubborn stain gently. The stains are shaken, loosened and rinsed away to give a clean and new look to your clothes. This is a technological innovation in the TL65RDS washing machine.

    3D wash system

    The special system with a nozzle adds dynamic movement to the water so it circulates 360 degrees inside the drum. With the movement of the water and the drum, the detergent dissolves completely and easily penetrates the clothes to give a cleaner wash. The rinse cycle in TL65RDS washing machine removes all traces of detergent to give you a fresher and cleaner clothes.

    Auto Softener dispenser

    For your delicate clothes, you need a fabric softener before you start the wash program. The auto softener dispenser compartment is specially designed in the TL65RDS washing machine to give that special, gentle care your laundry deserves.

    Smart Sense

    The smart sense technology automatically determines the load, water requirement, wash time and number of rinse and spin cycles. This feature in the TL65RDS washing machine reduces your power bills and utilizes the water to the optimum.

    Crescent moon drum

    The grooves on the drum surface are crescent shaped which create a gentle water cushion for the clothes. Delicate clothes can be washed safely as the fibers do not get caught in the drain holes in TL65RDS washing machine.

    Specifications of IFB’s TL65RDS washing machine

    General specifications

    The washing capacity of TL65RDS washing machine is 6.5 kg of dry load. The electronically controlled machine has an option of hot, cold and warm water selection. With a spinning speed of 720 RPM, this washing machine is gentle on clothes but tough on stains.

    Dimensions and weight

    TL65RDS washing machine weight 35 kgs which is a sturdy weight to check the vibrations and reduce noise during the cycles. The dimensions are 570 X 590 X 950 mm which is a sleek size to fit into any niche in the house where water connection is available.

    Power supply

    The TL65RDS washing machine works in a range of 220-240V at 50 Hz. The maximum load that can be connected is 360W.

    Water supply and pressure

    TL65RDS washing machine uses 104 liters of water per cycle and works effectively at a pressure of .3-8 bar.


    Looks of TL65RDS washing machine

    The LED screen display makes it easy for the user to read and select the cycle that is required to wash the clothes. The top panel of TL65RDS washing machine is graphite grey with the same color of the body. The door is made of toughened glass which lets you peep into the washing machine. The drum is of stainless steel with stainless steel inner tubing.

    Intelligent Washing options available in TL65RDS washing machine

    There are eight programs available in TL65RDS washing machine for you to wash your clothes. The programs are smart sense, express wash, aqua conserve, jeans, delicate and tub clean. All these programs can be selected as per the kind of clothes you are type of wash required.

    Other convenience features in TL65RDS washing machine

    In a hurry to rush to office or water will be coming later in the date, set your TL65RDS washing machine in delay mode for it to start in your absence. The child lock can be activated to protect any accidents with kids around. The option for air dry and tub dry can be selected in the TL65RDS washing machine.

    Warranty, service and price

    With a two year warranty, TL65RDS washing machine is a good buy for Indian homes. IFB has set a bench-mark in providing excellent after sales services for all its products. The price of the IFB TL65RDS washing machine is below Rs.20000/-. You can find the best online prices or look for deals and be assured of installation being done by the IFB service center personnels.


    Make a smart choice for your home with the IFBs TL65RDS washing machine. This is the latest top loading washing machine with 3D wash system and different modes which washes your clothes with a punch of technology to keep them brighter, softer and longer lasting.

    Find the best deal and be assured of the excellent after sales service that IFB offers to its customers. Ladies, keep your hands soft and smooth with the latest top loader TL65RDS washing machine.

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