Tata Swach Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier
Tata Swach Smart Sapphire 15 L Gravity Filter Water Purifier (Blue) Removes 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1 litre water
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The smarter way to purify your drinking water Tata Swach Smart effectively destroys disease-causing water-borne bacteria and viruses and makes water safe for drinking. Uses Silver Nanotechnology to effectively remove harmful bacteria and viruses. No chlorine, no bromine, no iodine used

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Installation Counter-Top, Floor Standing, Wall Mounted
Purification Type RO

RO: Reverse Osmosis

Storage Yes
Tank Capacity 15 L
Electric Non-Electric
Gravity Based Yes
Colour Sapphire Blue
Material of Body Food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastic
Recommended for Low TDS (Rivers, Lakes)

Low TDS (Rivers, Lakes): Water from rivers & lakes having low TDS, which does not taste salty. Municipal/Corporation/Sweet tasting water

Purification Capacity Per Hour 5 Ltr/hr
Filter Cartridges Mesh Filter, Particulate Filter, Post Nano Silver Carbon Filter
Pre-Filter Purification Yes
General Specification
Auto Shut Off Yes
Other Features No need to Boil - No Electricity required - No running water required - TSRF Technology - TATA Swach Lock - TATA Swach Fuse - Advanced Pure-power Indicator
Cartridge Life 1500 L
Weight and Dimensions
Net Weight 3 kg
Width 300 mm
Depth 282 mm
Height 572 mm