Faber Faber UTS RO Water Purifier
Under-The-Sink 9 Liters water storage capacity, 5+1-stage purification with highest TDS filtration of up to 2500 ppm
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The-sink water purifier can be mounted both under the sink as well as on the wall. The water RO Purifiers are pre-fitted Filmtec Membranes. These world-class membranes are made in the US, are untouched by hand and are made with best-in-class filtration material.

  • Pre- carbon filter(GAC)
  • Post- carbon(GAC)
  • Faucet chrome plated “Goose Neck”
  • NSF(Tank & RO membrane) NSF 58
  • Usage limit for Input TDS 2500 ppm
  • If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Water Purifier, please read our Conzumr Guide

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    Installation Side-by-side refrigerator
    Purification Type UV + RO + MTDS
    Storage Yes
    Tank Capacity 9 L
    Electric Electric
    Purification Capacity Per Hour 12 Ltr/hr
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    Installation Side-by-side refrigerator
    Purification Type UV + RO + MTDS
    Storage Yes
    Tank Capacity 9 L
    Number of Purification Stages 5
    Electric Electric
    Colour White
    General Specification
    Pump 1.6 lpm
    Purification Capacity Per Hour 12 Ltr/hr
    Filter Cartridges Pre-Filter, Pre carbon, Sediment Plus Filter
    Physicochemical Parameters
    TDS 2500

    Total dissolved solids (TDS) refer to the combined content of all inorganic and organic substance contained in a liquid; these are present in a molecular, iodised, or micro-granular suspended form. RO systems are specifically designed to effectively remove TDS to a great extent. Where the TDS level of supply/ground water is high, from 1,000 up to 2,500–3,000, it is recommended that RO systems be installed for drinking-water purpose. A special cellulose membrane cartridge plays a key role in removing TDS from the input water.

    As per Indian Standard, an RO system shall reduce TDS level of feed water to less than or equal to 500 mg/l.

    • Al brands reduced the TDS to below the limit specified (500 mg/l) when the input level was maintained at a fixed level.
    • Tata Swach scored highest on this parameter, followed by Aquaguard.
    • Some brands reduced the TDS level to below 100, which is also not desirable due to their reducing the intake level of essential minerals.