Eureka Forbes Eureka Forbes Fusion Ambient n Cold Water Purifier
Instant Cold water, Mineral Cartridge, Biotron Technology, Dual protection, Health in each drop, MTDS Regulator
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It readily dispenses cold water with one simple touch of the button.

This is the ideal water purifier for homes where everyone has different tastes, likings and requirements in terms of water temperature.

It also eliminates the hassle of refilling bottles and putting them in the refrigerator.

If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Water Purifier, please read our Conzumr Guide

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Installation Counter-Top

RO: Reverse Osmosis

Storage Yes
Tank Capacity 3.1 L
Electric Electric
Purification Capacity Per Hour 15 Ltr/hr
Power Consumption 150 W
Series # Dr. Aquaguard
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Installation Counter-Top
Purification Type RO

RO: Reverse Osmosis

Storage Yes
Tank Capacity 3.1 L
Electric Electric
Colour Silver & grey
Recommended for High TDS (Borewells)

High TDS (Borewells): Water sourced from borewells with high TDS (Salty/Khaara/Brackish Water)

Purification Capacity Per Hour 15 Ltr/hr
Life of UV Lamp 8000 burning hours
Filter Cartridges Biotron Cartridge, Chemi block, HCCB (Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block) Cartridge, HD Filter Cartridge, HD RO Membrane, Membrane Life Enhancer, Mineral Cartridge, Mineral guard, UV Treatment

Biotron Cartridge: It magnetizes water and de-culsters water molecules to make the water more "bio-available" by unlocking the nutrients in water, promising you the healthiest water.
HCCB (Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block) Cartridge: Removes excess chlorine, bad odour, colour, and organic impurities. Also eliminates new age contaminants like heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.
HD Filter Cartridge: Removes fine particles like dust, dirt, mud and sand.
Mineral Cartridge: Enhances the taste of water by removing dissolved gases like VOCs. It also increases calcium and Magnesium levels in water to balance pH.

Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
General Specification
Total Dissolved Solids 1 - 2000 mg / litre
UV Lamp Power 11 W
Input Water Pressure (kg/cm2) 2.0 kg / (Max)0.6 kg / (Min)
Input Water Temperature 10 - 40 °C
Max Input water chlorine 0.2 mg/litre (max.) 0.3 mg/litre (max.)
Input Water Turbidity 15 NTU
Weight and Dimensions
Net Weight 19.8 kg
Width 330 mm
Depth 440 mm
Height 490 mm
Rated Voltage 230 V
Input Voltage 50
Power Consumption 150 W
Booster Pump Voltage 24 V