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Eureka Forbes 1000 W Trendy Zip Canister Vacuum Cleaner vs bissell 81N7E. Check out latest prices 2018 with detailed specs.

You can see list of our Trendy Zip Canister vs Bissell 81N7E below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Vacuum Cleaner to choose your own favourites.

A vacuum cleaner creates partial vacuum to suck dirt and dust. They can be bag less, cylindrical, compact and have varying dust capacity and suction power.

Eureka Forbes Forbes Trendy Zip

Powerful Suction Function with 1000W Motor, Dust bag full indicator, Thermal overload cut-out for added safety, Comfortable operation

The Forbes Trendy Zip vacuum cleaner has been designed to help you clean your home quickly and efficiently. This 1000 Watt vacuum cleaner has an attractive, ultramodern design that will stand out no matter where you keep it. What's more, this vacuum cleaner has an automatic thermal load cut-out that protects it from overheating, thus making it safe for daily use. With a lightweight design that weighs in at 2.5kg, the Trendy vacuum cleaner is an excellent device for your home or office. This vacuum cleaner also comes with Wide Range of Accessories to Suit Varied Cleaning Needs and Attractive and stylish powerful portable vacuum cleaner.

  • Suction Power 1900 mm Of Water Column
  • Thermal Overload cut-out for Added Safety
  • Comfortable Operation
  • Attractive and Stylish Powerful Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissell 81N7E

    Deep Cleaning Canister, Powerful Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets, Rugs and all Sealed Hard Floors, Includes a Three Stage Filtration system

    • Unique Tool with Washable Microfiber Pad Cleans and Quickly Dries all Sealed Hard Floors
    • Includes a Three Stage Filtration System
    • 1600-2000 watts Power
    • Operating Voltage 220-240 volts
    • Includes Vacuum Cleaner, 10 Cleaning Attachment Tools and User Guide

    Side by Side comparison

    Series #
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Forbes
    81N7E : 
    Appliance Type
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Vacuum Cleaner
    81N7E : Vacuum Cleaner
    Vacuum Cleaner Type
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Canister
    81N7E : Canister
    Suction Power
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 1900 W
    81N7E : 2000 W
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 
    81N7E : 24
    Warranty Terms
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 
    81N7E : 2 Year Product Warranty
    Cord Length
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 3 m
    81N7E : -
    Dust bag
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Dust bag full indicator
    81N7E : -
    General Specification
    Cord Self Retracting
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 
    81N7E : -
    Exhaust Filter
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Synthetic
    81N7E : -
    Exterior color
    Forbes Trendy Zip : Black & red
    81N7E : Black
    Power Requirements
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 1000 W
    81N7E : -
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 230 V
    81N7E : 240 V
    Weight & Dimensions
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 210 mm
    81N7E : -
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 300 mm
    81N7E : -
    Net Weight
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 2.5 kg
    81N7E : -
    Forbes Trendy Zip : 185 mm
    81N7E : -

    Guides and Tips

    A vacuum cleaner creates partial vacuum to suck dirt and dust. They can be bag less, cylindrical, compact and have varying dust capacity and suction power.

    How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

    To get the best vacuum cleaner what you need to keep in mind is to invest in an appliance which is within your budget, durable, easy to use and cleans your house or office well. One can justifiably feel overwhelmed and confused by advertisements and innumerable options available in today’s market place. Our buying guide can help you determine the vacuum cleaner that is just right for you. Here are some points to ponder while choosing a vacuum cleaner...

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