Samsung UA48HU8500R Television
48HU8500 121.92cm (48) HU8500 Screen Mirroring with Motion Control Ready & UHD Upscaling 3D Ultra HD LED TV
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Samsung UA48HU8500R


Type of Screen like LCD, Plasma, OLED

LED: What are LED TVs?

  • An LED TV is an LCD TV, as the LCD technology is same in both the cathode fluorescent lamp lit TVs and the LED lit TVs. An LED TV is nothing but a specific type of LCD TV. The appropriate name would be “LED-backlit LCD TV.
  • The LED lighting of the picture results in a sharper picture, more energy efficient using about 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, the LED backlighting system has no delay or warm up time, and the LED lit TVs are much thinner than the traditional LCD or plasma TVs.
  • In short, LED TVs are nothing but LCD panels, but instead of using the fluorescent (CCFL) backlight lamp, they make use of an LED backlight.
  • 4K (Ultra HD) [3840 x 2160]

    No. of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

    4K (Ultra HD) [3840 x 2160]: The increasing availability of 4K, under the official moniker Ultra HD, can deliver consumers a greatly improved video display image for larger screen applications, and can greatly reduce the ability for viewers to see any visible pixel structure on the screen, unless you place yourself extremely close to the screen. This means even smoother edges and depth - in fact, when combined with faster screen refresh rates, 4K has the potential to deliver almost as much depth as 3D - without the need for glasses.

    48 "

    Screen Size for optimal viewing.


    High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector that can carry high-definition video and several digital audio channels on one cable.


    The USB port on your laptop allows for a variety of gizmos to be attached like camera's memory card, external hard disk, dvd players etc.

    Series # HU8500
    Warranty(Months) 12
    Available on Conzumr Since August 2017

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    A television was called an idiot box for a very long time period of time. Today TVs have become as smart as the viewers or maybe even smarter! Buying a TV is highly technical and specific as the buyer is tempted to prove his futuristic vision which is a proof of his sensible investment that should feature a newer technology, higher resolution, ultra HD definition TV. Samsung’s UA48HU8500R is the smart television for the future that provides a treat for the eyes with four times the pixels as compared to other display options.
    Overall Rating

    Accurate colors, perfect balance, outstanding contrast ratio with deep black levels makes viewing HU8500 a delight. The default colors, the gray scale quality for preset movie picture was found to be very good. We evaluated the image quality by evaluating the resolution and update frequency. Our findings showed that UA48HU8500R has a spectacular image quality.

    The LED TV has the latest edge-lit LED backlight technology that minimizes the glowing halos in dark backgrounds. The image contrast is dynamically improved as the light output is adjusted within the picture at the different zones.

    The 48 inch LED TV from Samsung comes with full HD resolution that enhances the viewing quality, while the clear motion allows the fast moving scenes to be viewed with amazing clarity. The 3840X2160 resolution supports 3D as well.



    The stereo speakers with a 60W speaker output are a bit low for this price of the TV. The reproduction of the sound is however found to be good as it uses the new waveguide feature for improved audio reproduction.



    The quad core picture engine and a clear motion rate of 1,000 ensure there is barely any judder or blurring visible. The luminance was found to be uniform across the screen. The image was watchable from most of the viewing angles though an off axis viewing at about 20-degrees reduced the contrast and color saturation.

    UA48HU8500R TV gives the user the option to multi-task while watching a movie, surfing the web or even when watching TV. This multilink feature lets the system use four different screens. HU8500 allows you to explore multiple applications, videos, TV shows, with the smart hub interface which is easy to manipulate and navigate.

    UHD content that is displayed on 48HU8500R will take your breath away. You have to see it to believe it. The HD content is displayed which has excellent depth and detail to make the images appear crisp and clear. The SD content looks better than average. The 2D display is excellent so is the 3D quality unless you watch at certain angles (narrower viewing angles) where the quality was found to deteriorate.For an avid gamer, enable the game mode otherwise there is serious input lag observed in the other modes.


    Input and Output

    A liberal showering of connectivity options is given in Samsung’s UA48HU8500R. 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Components, audio jack, digital audio out, RF, IR , WiFi direct and dongle ready. A fantastic option we found was the NFC and the memory card reader. HU8500 has very good connectivity options. To enhance the audio output, attach a sound bar and convert your room into a stadium, especially if you are watching some sports.

    The generous connectivity can be compared with any high end television. We observed that this TV model consumed higher electricity. If you are on a budget, you must keep in mind the electricity consumption before you put in your money in UA48HU8500R.


    We observed that this TV model consumed higher electricity. If you are on a budget, you must keep in mind the electricity consumption before you put in your money in 48HU8500R.


    The contrasting glossy screen with a narrow bezel and an elegant strip of sliver that encircles the outside edges gives UA48HU8500R a very stylish look. The flat T-shape design with T-shape stand makes your television literally stand out. Weighing around 17.3 kg, HU8500 has dimensions of 1072.7 X 660.4 X 296.9 mm with stand. It can be easily mounted on the wall or kept on the table. When mounted on the wall with a panel around it, it gives a classy and stylish look to the room.


    Smart TV

    UA48HU8500R can be called as one of the smartest televisions to be launched. Smart interaction includes voice control, face recognition, motion control, smart convergence, content streaming, screen mirroring. The smart TV allows the viewer to explore a plethora of applications, video clips and TV shows through its smart hub interface. A sports feature creates surround sound effect for you to enjoy the excitement like you are sitting in the stadium.

    To watch the 3D content, 3D glasses are a part of the box. The Samsung 3D glasses are known to be of good quality which they call the active glasses. There is a minor crosstalk observed with extremely contrasted elements in a few scenes. However, the playback from Blu-ray and other streaming options is found to be good.


    The HU8500 comes with both the remotes that are a standard remote and the Samsung smart controlremote. The standard remote is baton styled and fully backlit while the smart remote is palm-sized. The smart control feature has a built-in microphone (mic) for the interactive voice control. The motion sensor feature on the smart remote is very accurate for on-screen cursor navigation even if the option is buried somewhere in the menu options. Samsung’s UA48HU8500R remote exhibits a near perfect balance between the simplicity and functionality.


    A highly impressive television that delivers detailed pictures, the cutting edge technology and features that are superbly integrated into UA48HU8500R is the television for the TV fanatic. Great quality images, excellent connectivity, above average power efficiency can be found in Samsung’s 48HU8500R. We rate this television on a scale of 9 out of 10, a great buy for years to come even if new launches are made every fortnight by television manufacturers across the globe.

    Overall Rating