Samsung UA46F5500AR Television
46F5500 116.84cm (46) F5500 Smart Motion Control Ready Full HD LED TV
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Great SMART buy if not too keen on 3D!


Type of Screen like LCD, Plasma, OLED

LED: What are LED TVs?

  • An LED TV is an LCD TV, as the LCD technology is same in both the cathode fluorescent lamp lit TVs and the LED lit TVs. An LED TV is nothing but a specific type of LCD TV. The appropriate name would be “LED-backlit LCD TV.
  • The LED lighting of the picture results in a sharper picture, more energy efficient using about 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, the LED backlighting system has no delay or warm up time, and the LED lit TVs are much thinner than the traditional LCD or plasma TVs.
  • In short, LED TVs are nothing but LCD panels, but instead of using the fluorescent (CCFL) backlight lamp, they make use of an LED backlight.
  • 1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]

    No. of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

    1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]: This means the television has 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall. The 1080p number refers to the number of lines of the screen. Most televisions currently have a resolution of 1080p (also referred to as Full HD).

    46 "

    Screen Size for optimal viewing.


    High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector that can carry high-definition video and several digital audio channels on one cable.


    The USB port on your laptop allows for a variety of gizmos to be attached like camera's memory card, external hard disk, dvd players etc.

    Series # F5500
    Warranty(Months) 12
    Available on Conzumr Since March 2017

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    How often do you really watch 3D content? Unless the content requires visual effect with depth, one really does not go in for 3D viewing on a regular, daily basis. Samsung UA46F5500AR is a full HD LED TV without 3D. It provides decent picture quality, above average sound and a variety of smart features. The picture quality fades a bit when you are not viewing from a particular axis as the viewing angles were found to be narrow. If 3D does not interest you then Samsung F5500 is the television for daily viewing and worth every penny of the price you pay.
    Overall Rating

    The plain looking, semi-matte finish on Samsung’s 46F5500 television appears unassuming without looking cheap. With a strong contrast ratio, the picture quality is highly satisfactory. The red, blue, green and white colors were found to be almost accurate. This semi-matte finish has an advantage over other LED televisions as it reduces the reflections in a bright lit room which makes the picture quality appear better. Reflection is seen only when direct bright light falls on the screen. Samsung’s HD LED F5500 has a resolution of 1920 X 1080p with a clear motion rate of 120 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

    The images are displayed fairly uniformly across the screen with the backlight being edge-lit rather than being direct-lit. A slight discoloration was observed when the viewing angle was out of the axis.



    The DTS studio sound system offers a good treble quality in F5500 LED TV model. The two integrated stereo speakers have an audio output of 20 W which we found to be fair enough for daily viewing and the price range. The buyer has the option to connect the additional sound system, speakers or home theater system through the multiple ports.



    The HD display content is above average, while the SD content display was found to be excellent. The 2D display is above average too, though we noticed some judder effect while viewing Blu Ray content. The Samsung F5500 is not for serious gamers due to its high input lag. We found that the refresh rate of is good enough for regular viewing but not for gaming.

    The UA46F5500AR has the usual vide models like sports, cinema, vivid, game, dynamic etc. A slight distortion is observed in color when the viewing is not from the particular axis. This is due to the narrow viewing angle.


    Input and Output

    With a dual core processor and a built-in WiFi (Ethernet), F5500 is a smart television too. Two USB 2.0 ports, three HDMI ports, one input component, one digital audio output (optical) port, one composite input, ECO sensor, DLAN, HDMI-CEC offers all the necessary connectivity options.



    Samsung F5500 is available in different screen sizes of 32” to 55” and above. The narrow black bezel frame stands on a T shape base with no swivel. The Samsung logo is at the bottom bezel which gives it a clean look. The four –way joystick on the lower right corner lets you navigate the television. Two HDMI ports and USB ports are facing right side of the screen near the antenna connection while the other ports, input components and jacks are on the back face.


    Smart TV

    Samsung F5500 is simple looking, but is loaded with software features and design. We found the Smart TV software was well integrated allowing one to intuitively navigate the interface. The apps do not load instantly, normally taking several seconds. A faster response time would have given F5500 an edge over the other televisions that have almost this loading time.

    The Smart Hub menu divides the content into Movies, Live TV, local media, TV shows, Social features and apps. The Live TV menu has its own channel guide which is controlled by the satellite box and IR remote. The TV show and Movie have the option to be purchased on demand from Samsung or you can choose from various apps like YouTube.

    A full web browser is featured on the Apps menu. Navigating the web and entering the text using the standard TV remote is not very convenient. Accessing social media on Samsung F5500 is by the social media tab. The contents of the USB drives can be loaded through the local media tab, networked DLNA media servers and media can be stored through Samsung Link cloud service.

    Another very smart feature offered by F5500 is the Smart Hub tab that mirrors your smartphone, tablet screen with Miracast. Miracast is a wireless technology supported by the 46F5500 that is found in the network setting menu. Pushing media from smart Samsung mobile devices to HDTV is observed to work flawlessly.



    A touch pad would have made the remote more convenient and user friendly. Most of the buttons are same shaped which makes you hit the Return or Exit button more often when you are trying to navigate through the menu without looking at the remote. The channel and volume rockers are conveniently placed under the thumb. The Smart Hub button is hexagonal that brings up the media navigation menu.



    Samsung F5500 offers a very good picture and a wide array of smart service features which makes this television a great choice if you are not interested in 3D. If you do not require a wider viewing angle and the latest fancy features, F5500 LED TV is probably an excellent buy due to its excellent picture quality in dark and bright rooms, reasonable audio output and amazing Smart features.

    Overall Rating