Samsung UA32F4000AR Television
32F4000 81.28cm (32) F4000 USB Movie HD LED TV
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TV for the budget conscious customer


Type of Screen like LCD, Plasma, OLED

LED: What are LED TVs?

  • An LED TV is an LCD TV, as the LCD technology is same in both the cathode fluorescent lamp lit TVs and the LED lit TVs. An LED TV is nothing but a specific type of LCD TV. The appropriate name would be “LED-backlit LCD TV.
  • The LED lighting of the picture results in a sharper picture, more energy efficient using about 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, the LED backlighting system has no delay or warm up time, and the LED lit TVs are much thinner than the traditional LCD or plasma TVs.
  • In short, LED TVs are nothing but LCD panels, but instead of using the fluorescent (CCFL) backlight lamp, they make use of an LED backlight.
  • 1366 x 768 [WXGA]

    No. of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

    1366 x 768 [WXGA]: There are 2 resolutions for HD broadcasts 1) 720p = resolution of 1280 x720 pixels ~ 1 megapixel 2) 1080i -= resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ~ 2 megapixels There is no 3rd resolution of 1366 x 768 in any HD source. A 1366 x 768 image is ALWAYS SCALED
    It is all about firmware scaling engine ( video processing chips ) in the display. A huge amount of processing has to happen to make 720 into 768 or 1080 down to 768. In a Good display with a great processing chipset, the 1080 incoming resoultion is 2 times what the display can show, and since it has twice the information it needs, the 1366 display can really do a great job. Some displays do a fantastic job of resizing and de-interlacing. Some 1366 displays do such a fuzzy job of scaling that the image seems about the same as regular TV, just bigger and wider, not Higher in Definition.

    32 "

    Screen Size for optimal viewing.


    High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector that can carry high-definition video and several digital audio channels on one cable.


    The USB port on your laptop allows for a variety of gizmos to be attached like camera's memory card, external hard disk, dvd players etc.

    Series # F4000
    Warranty(Months) 12
    Available on Conzumr Since March 2017

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    Our Verdict

    The UA32F4000AR TV is a decent buy if you need a smaller sized budget TV with basic features and reasonable display performance . If your requirements are more elaborate, please look elsewhere.
    Overall Rating

    The UA32F4000AR has a screen resolution of 1366 x768 . Since HD is broadcasted in 720p or 1080i, HD transmissions need to be scaled by video processing chips before displaying them on the screen. This scaling can cause loss of sharpness or image quality loss. The display of F4000 TV's perform reasonably well - the loss of image sharpness is minor; black level, color contrast and saturation is decent and motion performance is pretty good. The resolution and video of the TV should not be a problem for most viewers unless the TV is being used as a computer monitor or viewed from very close distances. On the con side sound quality is below average.


    Input and Output

    The UA32F4000 does not have much going for it in terms of extra features. It has 2 HDMI ports, a USB port, an RF jack, an audio port for headphones and composite and component ports - all pretty much standard with the latest TV's. The composite and component ports are handy when connecting to some security cameras. The USB port allows us to play some multimedia files on the TV.



    The 32F4000 is relatively light weight standard looking LED TV with a regular slim black plastic body and stand giving it a modern look.



    The UA32F4000AR TV from Samsung is a "no frills" TV aimed at the budget conscious customer. While it does not boast of smart features, superior screen resolutions and the best sound in the market, the TV has a reasonable color and contrast performance to keep a consumer interested. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive TV for a smaller room, the F4000 series from Samsung may be worth looking into.

    The TV seems easy enough to set up and out of the box default picture and sound controls work well. The menu is simple to navigate. The remote control is pretty basic as well. You have the usual settings for manipulating brightness and contrast. There is a "Film" mode that is used to smooth out frame transitions when viewing movies and a game mode that ensures reasonable picture quality when using a fast paced video source such as a gaming system.

    Overall Rating