Panasonic TH-P50ST60D Television
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A TV worth paying for!!


Type of Screen like LCD, Plasma, OLED

OLED: OLED TV will be the most energy efficient TV technology ever produced. It takes hardly any power to energize the organic light emitting molecules located in the emissive layer of the substrate. Due to superior technological efficiencies in manipulating lighter, simpler carbon based material, generating deeper blacks, brighter whites and all the gray scales in between should be a great strength of OLED.

1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]

No. of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]: This means the television has 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall. The 1080p number refers to the number of lines of the screen. Most televisions currently have a resolution of 1080p (also referred to as Full HD).

50 "

Screen Size for optimal viewing.


High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector that can carry high-definition video and several digital audio channels on one cable.


The USB port on your laptop allows for a variety of gizmos to be attached like camera's memory card, external hard disk, dvd players etc.

Series # T Series
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since April 2017
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Panasonic P50ST60D is total value for money. This mid-level price television provides good picture quality with deep black levels, amazing performance in both - a bright room or in a dimly lit room, excellent uniformity from all viewing angles and accurate colors. The narrow bezel stylish designing, two pairs of 3D glasses and loads of Smart TV content with a standard remote and optional touch pen compels us to recommend this television. The negative found by us in this model of Panasonic is the poor conversion quality from 2D to 3D as it produced considerable motion lag and a relatively higher power consumption like most LCD models when compared to LED television models.
Overall Rating

The 50 inch screen size with Neo Plasma panel offers excellent black level, the contrast is highly impressive which makes Panasonic P50ST60D the best TV for its picture quality at the price whether you are viewing the TV in a dim room or well-lit room.

Plasma televisions regulate the brightness by a circuit called the ABL. Setting the TV contrast for maximum brightness for day-time viewing resulted in outstanding contrast ratio at 1:5500000 and deep dark blacks. The resolution of 1920X1080 pixels provides full HD viewing option with accurate colors for quality viewing.



The 20W audio output is enough for daily viewing. Panasonic P50ST60D boasts of two tweeters and a rear facing midrange woofer. When the TV is wall mounted the sound is fine, but when the TV is on the table with a stand with no wall close to it, the audio output quality seemed to deteriorate noticeably. A sound bar or a 3.1 surround sound system can be connected for a better quality sound.



Panasonic P50ST60D uses a less expensive 3D capability and two pairs of glasses are included in the box. These glasses use a coin battery which is rechargeable. An additional pair of 3D viewing glasses can be purchased.

Panasonic P50ST60D offers a Gaming mode in advanced setting which needs to be turned on for action and shooting games otherwise an input lag may be experienced.


Input and Output

The input/output terminals include 3 HDMI inputs, Audio return, tuner for world 17-system, Audio return channel input, video sharing input, two USB 2.0 ports, a slot for SD card and one LAN port with one optical digital audio output.

Panasonic P50ST60D works on a power supply of 220-240 V and 50/6- Hz. The power consumption was found to be slightly higher when compared to LED televisions.



We found the HD display, the SD display and the 2D display to be excellent while the 3D display performance was observed to be average. There were no double images when the 3D content was tested. The two pairs of glasses along with Panasonic P50ST60D were found to be quite uncomfortable when worn over the regular corrective glasses.

The five picture modes have an additional feature of 10-gamma point control that lets the user control the picture setting for each input. There are many settings for reducing the noise, setting the motion as well a refresh rate from 48 to 96 Hz. An almost impeccable refresh rate of 24 FPS enhances the viewing of movies and videos. Option of 2D to 3D conversion is available in this model Panasonic P50ST60D.



With a one year manufacturer warranty, Panasonic P50ST60D can be wall mounted or can sit on the stand on the table. With wall mounting, the sound quality improves. The stand can swivel only 15 degrees, which we did not find obstructive at all. The dimensions without the stand is 1170X697X49 mm and weighs 22.5 kg, which is heavier than LED TVs.


Smart TV

The smart functions offered by Panasonic P50ST60D are new home pages with a small screen for the satellite content and other app contents. There are several templates that can be customized for app selection and placement that includes weather and other apps.

Internet browsing is made easy with access through the Apps button on the remote. There are many featured apps included. The Wi-fi connectivity is excellent when compared to most of Panasonic P50ST60D competitors.



The non illuminated touch pad remote control has clear and logical button layout. The inconvenience of this remote is that the Apps and Home keys are prominent while the Menu key is tiny. One has to pay attention when hitting the keys as accidently the Home key gets hit more often with the cursor popping up.

A touch pen is sold separately for the Smart TV which works well, though there are not many applications for it. The touch pen allows you to write directly on the screen and can be used to manipulate photographs or draw images. These can be easily shared using the Swipe and Share feature.



The sleek black, glossy frame with a thin 2 inch panel gives Panasonic P50ST60D a minimalistic modern appearance. The 15 degree swivel limitation is justified as the plasma panel’s wide viewing angles make swivel almost useless. The plasma panel offers excellent contrast and accurate colors that offer excellent viewing picture quality. The Smart TV features are controlled by the standard remote. A built-in Wi Fi makes Panasonic P50ST60D internet ready. The 3D technology lets you enjoy 3D content, but gaming is not much fun on this television set. Two pairs of rechargeable 3D glasses are provided in the box. Viewing 3D content is compliant with any other make of 3D glasses as well. Panasonic P50ST60D is a good buy and we recommend it for the outstanding picture quality and value for money.

Overall Rating