Panasonic Panasonic 40D400D Television
TH-40D400D 40 Inch Screen, 100Hz Backlight Motion Rate, Dot Noise Reduction,
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This television has the unique 100Hz Backlight Motion Rate, with which you can smmoth reproduction of fast motion. The blacklight motion rate sequentially turns off sections of the backlight, during rendering of each image frame. The Dot Noise Reduction is a unique process of noise detection & correction. The dot noise reduction function reduces random picture noise, thus making images look clearer & crisper.

  • Built-in Media Player
  • HDMI Input
  • USB Port
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    Type of Screen like LCD, Plasma, OLED

    LED: What are LED TVs?

  • An LED TV is an LCD TV, as the LCD technology is same in both the cathode fluorescent lamp lit TVs and the LED lit TVs. An LED TV is nothing but a specific type of LCD TV. The appropriate name would be “LED-backlit LCD TV.
  • The LED lighting of the picture results in a sharper picture, more energy efficient using about 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, the LED backlighting system has no delay or warm up time, and the LED lit TVs are much thinner than the traditional LCD or plasma TVs.
  • In short, LED TVs are nothing but LCD panels, but instead of using the fluorescent (CCFL) backlight lamp, they make use of an LED backlight.
  • 1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]

    No. of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

    1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]: This means the television has 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall. The 1080p number refers to the number of lines of the screen. Most televisions currently have a resolution of 1080p (also referred to as Full HD).

    40 "

    Screen Size for optimal viewing.


    High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector that can carry high-definition video and several digital audio channels on one cable.


    The USB port on your laptop allows for a variety of gizmos to be attached like camera's memory card, external hard disk, dvd players etc.

    Series # Viera
    Available on Conzumr Since December 2017


    The display resolution of a digital television, computer monitor or display device is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

    1080p (Full HD) [1920 x1080]
    40 "
    Screen Size 101.6 cm
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Panel Drive - Black Light Blinking/Scanning 200 Hz BMR 4K IFC
    Sound Modes Movie, Music, News, Stereo, User setting
    20 W
    Picture Mode Dynamic, Normal, True Cinema

    A motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception.

    176 °
    Input and Output
    Composite In (AV) (Common Use for Component Y) Yes
    Headphone Yes
    Analog Tuner Yes
    Power Consumption (Max) 60 W
    Power Consumption (Stand-by) 0.25 W
    Power Supply AC Auto 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz V
    Maximum withstand input Voltage (AC) 240 V
    Set with Stand 8.5 kg
    Set without Stand 8 kg
    Set Depth(without stand) 88 mm
    Set depth (with stand) 232 mm
    Set Height(without stand) 522 mm
    Set height with stand 567 mm
    Set Width(without stand) 902 mm
    Set width (with stand) 902 mm
    Additional Features
    OSD Languages English