Varta Varta AA 800 mAh Accu Solar Rechargeable Battery
56736 Long Lasting, Environmental Friendly Energy,
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Enjoy your garden and terrace view, dine out with friends overnight with these Solar Rechargeable Batteries. The Reliable Energy Supply ensures the right lighting – anytime you want.These are Especially developed for AAA- sized Solar Garden Lights.These have Optimized Capacity for Low Current Garden Lights which need High Frequency recharging cycles (almost daily).These batteries are Rechargeable hundreds of times without memory effect.These are Long lasting and Environmental Friendly Energy.

  • Reliable Energy Supply
  • Suitable Low Current Garden Lights
  • Rechargeable Hundreds of Times Without Memory Effect
  • Long Lasting Energy
  • Environmental Friendly
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    Capacity 800 mAh
    Type Ni-Mh
    Size AA
    Series # Rechargeable Accu Solar
    Available on Conzumr Since February 2015
    Varta Rechargeable Accu Solar series Rechargeable Battery Compare

    Capacity 800 mAh
    Type Ni-Mh
    Size AA
    Height 50.5 mm
    Weight 19 Gm
    Voltage 1.2 V